Monday, 24 November 2008

on the wall: the gentle arts

I've been stitching and pretending I know how to embroider and it's kind of worked out. I'm no tiny happy yet, but I'm okay with that.

It was a really fun experiment, especially since I have been so busy with other things that my crafting/creative time has been compromised. Also this is the first successful project I have done in a while. Do you ever have one of those runs where you try a couple new things and nothing turns out? Just a whole bunch of failed ideas, or executions of ideas. Half finished projects quickly hidden in the cabinet and filed under "yeah, I don't think so." It can start getting to you!

What do you do with the failed attempts? or the works in progress that you know are NEVER going to make it? Lies says it feels quite liberating to throw them out. I would agree but something holds me back. I think,
"My babies, my brain children, I love even though you are wonky, and ugly, and unflattering. It's not your fault."

Perhaps Dr. Frankenstein could relate.

This is my tangled mess of embroidery floss which I usually store in a zip lock bag. I have a whole bunch of those little white cards that you can wind such things around but do I have the patience and presence of mind for this task? We'll see.

An inspiring book for embroidery ideas, this one has great pictures of vintage wall paper. Off the Wall by Lencek and Gideon Bosker. Imagine being a couple who jointly write books about vintage wall paper!?!? that TOTALLY reminds me of this other husband and wife team who answer the question, "What happens when two models who love fitness and each other write a book together?"

BAM! This happens!

You might be saying to yourself, "Kimberlee, get over it! We've seen this before, it's time to move on." Well folks, I CANNOT! it is too grand. I think God put this book on the earth to make me laugh.

Okay getting back on topic, a collage of some wallpaper samples from the book. Imagine if you had a whole room done up in some of these prints. It would be like living in an optical illusion, which might be a lovely life. I'm not sure.

let's stop here, shall we?



lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

wow- your embroidery is amazing! I never feel like I have the time to do work like this- I need to make time because it definately looks rewardning. Ahahha and thank you for showing that book!! So so wrong.

Kirsten said...

Your embroidery is so gorgeous - I love it! So envious as there is just NO WAY I could create that!!

amy said...

the embroidery looks lovely!

Melissa said...

ooh- i love your embroidery! what stitches did you use? love the big funky flowers.

oh, man. i can see why you can't get over that book- it's hilarious!

alisonmc said...

I've always been a bit iffy about sticking my embroidery on the wall but that looks hot! I'm doing it!

Wallpaper book is sensational but not nearly as sensational as the 80s model fitness duo.

Victoria said...

I would love a wall or two or three collaged in all those wallpaer prints. They wouldn't have to match or anything, would make me so happy.
LOVE the flowery embroidery - and I bet you really enjoyed making all those stitches - fun and relaxng at the same time. Looks great hung up.
Well, how could you just mention the excercise couple once? They deserve more attention for the beauty of their partnership..
Chuck out the never-to-be-completed projects - for sure.

R.W.S. said...

I will never tire of those models. Their message must be spread to the masses!