Sunday, 16 November 2008

why I have been quiet recently

I have been busy with various things, including choreographing a version of this dance for a group of 16 girls ages 5-10. If you have never seen this before, its the official music video directed by Spike Jones to "praise you" by fatboy slim.

If my sense of humour could be summed up in just one music video, this would be pretty darn close. Ironic, armature antics, and a heavy dose of jazz hands.

Find out more about the video here if you want

and ps: the dance is for a children's Christmas production, sort of a newer take on the angels chorus.


lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

I hope you'll be able to post some pictures of the final dance. sounds hilarious! :) and good fun.

ruby in the dust said...

i love this video, it's so funny. good luck with the production :)

Melissa said...

will you show us pictures?- please?!
good luck! x

luke_d said...

Video is super. I believe in being a dick in public.

Lynn said...

Yes dear girl - that looks like you all over, esp. the jazz hands. Hopefully you will get some good video when your "kids" perform it. What fun!!

Jo said...

so funny every time. gold