Tuesday, 31 March 2009

we say baby, you say shower!

My creation

Indeed it is party central around here. Last week we had a baby shower for Lies and the little one, who is will be arriving very soon! Emily very graciously had it at her little cottage in Ponsonby. I found it very photographical. There are four people living in this quaint 80sq meter house, I am always impressed with people who make the most of small spaces, and live creatively inside tight quarters.

My creation

Lies had never been to a baby shower before, and neither had most of the other guests. Emily and I, both north americans, had no idea that they weren't as popular here and we were both glad to share the tradition. Though it was much more low key than many of the showers I have suffered through in the past. We pretty much just laid out plates of food, provided a variety of drinks, and then just let people sit back and chat. no games.

My creation

Usual baby shower games: Guess the width in cm of the pregnant belly, how many buttons in the jar, name that celebrity baby, memorize baby items on the tray, and I am sure there are many more. Any memorable ones you can think of?

lies baby shower

no photos of the gifts, I forgot to take them.

And I mustn't forget the little competition from my past post here.
Since nobody guessed correctly (my boss made the dolls!), I just picked a random number.
and the winner is.......
victoria of dear megan!
please just email me your address and I will send that bag off right snappy!

and I leave you with a bit of ironic humour: check out FAIL blog if you need a good laugh at the expense of others :)



Kimberlee and Lies said...

I'm so glad you took photo's of Em's beautiful house (i forgot my cam eh). And thanks ever so much you lovely north american hospitality girls, cause, though it was my first, it was my loveliest!!! the food was not only looking pretty, it was delicious
X lies

fiona said...

the food looks delish! i haven't been to a baby shower either. sounds like a good excuse for company, food n presents. :)

ruby in the dust said...

what a lovely place and fun party! I love the memory game; it's very hard for people without kids to remember all those bits of baby-stuff piled on a tray :)

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

What a lovely girly get-together. The cake looks amazing. xxb

victoria said...

Yay for me!!!!!!!!!
The food photos are so yummy.
One of the baby shower games that's quite popular around here is the one where you fill up ten or so disposable nappies, each with a different flavored baby food, then pass the nappies around and people have to sniff them and write down which flavors they are. This is sometimes done with ten different chocolate bars instead. Charming.
P.s. You should rent the movie "The Castle" one day for a cultural Australian experience.

Anonymous said...

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