Wednesday, 18 March 2009

To give (2)

First, because I've never done it before and I'll have my second kid in three weeks (yes three ooh!), I figure if I don't do it now, I never will. And things will be fairly quiet from my side I think after B-day... So, I'd like to give you my simple sewing pattern for a tiny baby dress - if you're into it, scroll down or click here.
I had greatest fun developing/sewing/drawing this pattern for our blog - but I'm sure I've forgotten heaps and not everything will make sense to you... Let me know what you think! This is what the dress looks like :

Second, here are the lucky winners of the bamboo baby beanies, Lievie (who had a wee bit of trouble restraining herself from trying to fit the tiny hats) drew two names out of both beanies :
- turquoise bbb : 'auntie' Jen in Melbourne!
- black bbb : mama Rhiannon!
So girls - send me a small Email with your address please X

And last (but not least?) and third : my second give-away, a 'happy land' baby pinafore. It fits a baby from 6 months to approx 18 months (depends on the babe really), closes with cross-over kimono-style snaps, is made of 100% cotton fabrics and is reversible (happy land and flower diagonals on the one side, yellow-white gingham on the other). Please leave a little comment if you'd like to 'win' this little pinnie ( I'm sure there's a baby girl you know that would look super cute in it!). Next week Wednesday Lieveke will draw names again.

Hey, many thanks for all your enthusiasm in the draw and also for your lovely comments on Lieveke's nearly three...
-Lies X


Nikki said...

Omigoodness... patterns for us and prizes to win! You are so generous!

I can't wait to try out your dress pattern. It is absolutely gorgeous.

And 3 weeks!! Eeeeeeeek!


Gina said...

i usually just look at the feed by email (and dont click through to the site). clearly it's been a while since i actually looked at the blog itself, because the layout is lovely - lots of white space and a gorgeous banner. my baby girl loves her pinny (thank you!) so i will happily go into a draw for another.

I wanna be creative said...

Love the fabric choice for the Pinafore, you are generous and a bit of a super Mum obviously! I am now going to download the dress pattern and add to my "to do" pile.

Dressmaker 8 said...

That dress is sooo adorable! I absolutely love the fabric!

Care said...

looooove the fabric choice! what a darling little dress!!

Heart Felt said...

A baby couldn't be anything but happy in that happy dress! x

bec said...

Beautiful pinnie. Your blog always make me smile with the beauty!!!
xx bec

JasperBoy said...

Hi Lies,

A big thank you to Lieveke for using her magic fingers to pull my name out of the hat!! Yeah!!

Once I gift the beanie I'll let you know where it finds its home.

You know I L.O.V.E. your pinnies, but please exclude me from the draw as it's someone else's turn to enjoy your crafts.

I hope Liev enjoys her upcoming birthday, please post some pics if you can.

I can't wait to hear that your new bub has arrived. I know that you'll be too busy (and tired) to blog; however I'd love Kimberlee to keep us up to date (hint, hint).

An e-mail is on its way....

Jen in Melbourne

JasperBoy said...

PS - Forgot to mention that I love how you've added your designer name tag to your clothing. Proud to wear Anemone!!

sweetp said...

oh my goodness that is stunning! would love to go in the draw with many pregnant friends at the moment.

3 weeks will fly by xx All the best

Tabiboo said...

Oh my, that is so gorgeous, well both actually, I'm certainly going to have a go at the baby dress.

Good luck with baby number three, I crossed over that line 16 months ago and I have to admit it is very, very hard work, but if you have a good support network around you it does make things a lot easier.

Good luck and pre congratulation!!

Nina x

Kirsten said...

Lies that is just sooo gorgeous! You are a star!
Love the sew in tag too - is that new?

skymring said...

Ooohh, I know EXACTLY the baby girl that would look like a princess in that pinny... count me in!

Rosa Maria said...

Oh, those colors! They reminded me my home country, Brazil, which I miss heaps, especially now when the winter time is just around the corner! My little curly baby girl would just shine in this beautiful pinny! Thank you for your generosity and all blessings for your new baby!

Kat said...

I have a lil one that size :) Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well - your baby will be here in no time! :)

hanna said...

oooh I SOOOO want to win this dress, it's just gorgeous and would fit my wee girl just perfect.
Thanks for sharing your dress pattern too. I've been thinking of making something like this - noe I don't have to figure a pattern out :o)

fiona said...

a happy dress! please count me in for the draw. a friend's baby girl, Claire who's born in feb is in my mind.

thank you! :)

Melissa said...

ohh- so gorgeous! i love the happy land dress and the pattern you've so kindly shared. thank you my dear. xx

Anonymous said...


JasperBoy said...

Hi Lies,

I just want to let you know that the bamboo beanie has finally found its home. It was sent to NSW yesterday and is already being worn by baby boy Louis Franz, son of Rachael from Grandy and Baa.

Thanks again for the generous giveaway.

Jen in Melbourne x

Laurie Croke said...

thank you - gonna try this for my gorgeous grandaughter! in christmas colours - merry CHRISTmas from Christine in Geraldton WA