Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A winner and a carrot

So she will be three soon.
That's quite overwhelming for a very pregnant mum like say- myself.

I sometimes write down little thoughts in my Moleskine...
This is what I wrote about her :

Things just like you.
an incredibly loud cackle
hey there in the mirror
gold and silver
red as red can be
and very light light.

I read it out loud to her. She listened and nodded. Kindly added : oh yes mum AND A CARROT. A carrot dear? Uh-huh I do like a carrot.
Ok my Sweet :

and a carrot.

Ah yeah, hello pinafore-winner : Skymring (gorgeous blog you have) send me your details via email!
-X Lies


Overanalyzer: said...

lol. i love it!!! you should ask her to contribute more, i bet it will make her laugh when she's older.

skymring said...

Oh my, oh my! Goodness, gosh and all the non-swearing words in the universe - I won!!!! :)

ruby in the dust said...

Hey lies, missed you today at K'bomb! What a lovely little list...

Kimberley said...

just beautiful. best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy, the birth and everything that comes next .. the other kimberley xx

Anonymous said...

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