Monday, 21 September 2009

Sweet ones

The peach blossoms are so pretty, in our little garden.

I got a baking book. Tremendous. Kimberlee knows I'm a hazard to public safety when it comes to baking. But this gorgeously sweet book helped me make cupcakes! Cupcakes. That's pretty amazing, for me. And they were edible. Yum according to expert cake-eater Lieveke.

Then did some knitting, from another new sweet book. With the softest organic cotton I made bootees (they stay ON!) and a cardy for Noor. The cardy fits perfectly. For another two weeks or so. Noor's into growing like a cabbage.

And sweetest : she's got ONE tooth.

-have a sweet one too


Bronwyn Lloyd said...

My sis describes 'Ladies a Plate' as a magic cookbook because everything turns out exactly like the pictures, and it all tastes delicious. I see that Alexa has just published a second cookbook due to the incredible popularity of the first - it's called 'A Second Helping' and it even has a recipe for my all-time favourite sweet treat, Boston buns, with pink icing and coconut on top - yum!!

melissa said...

that book looks amazing- it's on my christmas list!
i love the pictures in this post, lies. such pretty peachy things (especially that little girl there. ) xx

Sally Anne said...

Oh, beautiful Noor, what a sweetie she is !
I love the book too,and the cardy and booties are perfect.

JasperBoy said...

I've got just the person in mind for the baking book. Thanks for the great gift suggestion!
I look forward to seeing more pinnies back in the Etsy shop soon (hint, hint).

Jen in Melbourne

victoria said...

That's a beautiful little collection of happy springlike photos. One tooth - yay!!

Kimberley said...

Little Noor is getting so big! What a beauty! The Other Kimberley xx

MUS said...

your little girl is a beauty.

knitting clothing is something i want to learn. i like your sweet booties.

enjoy your peach tree and weekend!