Saturday, 5 September 2009

what to wear for winter...

So it looks like we may stay out the winter here, though I can't say for sure yet. But I decided I must get into the survival mindset. The Berlin winters are notoriously cold and since I have spent the last 6 winters in Auckland where the jack frost rarely comes to call (and snow? never!), I am reaching down into my Minnesotan childhood roots and reminding myself, Yes! I can do this! It's in my blood.

And I am not just whistling dixie! Once I spent the night sleeping in self built ice/snow fort on our frozen high school football field as part of winter survival assignment. This is where I come from! so I should be able to do the Berlin Winter.....right?

Okay self pep talk over.
If memories along can't prepare me, I know winter fashion can. What better thing to usher in the season than thick winter tights, high leather boots, snugly knits, and nice warm coat to bundle up in? So I have turned to my favourite fashion blogs to find the inspiration I need....

from Helsinki Finland is by far my favourite street fashion blog. The mix of designer, self made, and second hand clothes best reflects how real creatives dress. and I love the Wacky colours. I would pretty much be stoked to look half as good as any of these winter gals.



The Satoralist
who I think everyone knows by now is a bit more classic and high fashion, but there are some real gems in there. Yellow coat & strippy socks=win!
the satorialist

Some Girls Wonder
is the fashion journal of Inside Black Apple where she regularly models her own amazing vintage wardrobe and gives top tips about finding original and vintage styled clothing.
photos from some girls wonder

from some girls wonder

Cherry Blossom Girl
is a French fashion journal of a young woman or so I believe. Since I am not so hot on the French front, I am not completely sure how it works. From what I gather she gets sent a lot of vintage and designer clothes to model and then goes to different places around the world or amazing dreamlike locations in France and then does photo shoots with said clothes. Yeah, I know. Some people's lives, right? Her blog is very much about getting lost in a fairytale.
cherry blossom

too much?
So now I feel a bit more mentally prepared for winter. Phew.
I leave you with a photo from hel-looks. It may be a bit much but she's certainly NOT getting cold anytime soon.



Heart Felt said...

You will be fine, just think of all the fab coats, hats and boots you can wear! Stay warm....xx

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Ahaha that last woman is serious about winter. She's fantastic!

Ruby in the Dust said...

she's got an icy stare though! Love love love that coat on the fourth pic with bell sleeves...

Lies said...

Do you think she's in a grump because somehow the shoulderpads kept on growing? I expect we'll all be wearing it next winter eh.

fiona said...

overdressed will never be the word used in these places.

have fun layering up! :)

hanna said...

LOVE LOVE the yellow coat and striped stockings!
I'll bet you'll have fun shopping for some warm winter wears.