Friday, 4 September 2009

Last weekend

I needed to know if I could knit ONE (Noro kneehigh) sock in ONE weekend.
I can. All during Noor's naps. And I have plans. For those pretty Nani Iro Pocho dots.
But argghhh. When? Sigh, I'm so lucky really, to have these wonderful and very busy kids.
Better get on with that other sock.

Bon weekend


JasperBoy said...

Lieveke is the best dressed girl that I know :)
Hello to gorgeous Noor.

Jen in Melbourne

kimberlee said...

ah it is so great to 'see' you guys again:) I think noor is starting to really take after you! and lieveke in her leopard coat, what memories:) she has the best coats always. noor is in line to inherit some good hand-me-downs!

Gorgeous sock! I really need to get back into knitting and i think socks are the way to go. wish I had paid more attention to emily's tutorials.


melissa said...

that noro knee-high sock is divine. all in one weekend! you are an inspiration.
and gosh, those girls are growing into beautiful things.

Sally Anne said...

Your girls are adorable. Little Noor has grown so much, what a sweetie she is. Very impressive sock knitting too !

hanna said...

well done, that's good sock turnaround. LOVE the colours. LOVE the red dot fabric too.
I think if someone started a group for sewers who become mammas and lament their lost sewing time there would be lots of members :)