Friday, 7 May 2010


pattern : Lina by Jokoknits,
yarn : Touch NZ 8ply merino naturally dyed
needles : 4mm dpns
mods : 4 pattern repeats instead of 5.

Sometimes you know you're making a pretty thing.
This Lina hat was just that.
Look how crisp the pattern comes out.
It fits Lieveke like a glove ('xcept it's a hat duh).
The color, chartreuse, one of my favorites,
The yarn a 100% NZ merino, naturally dyed.
And all in a mere weekend.
Oh I had fun knitting it.

Happy weekend


Whitney said...

This is so adorable. I love the color!

kimberlee said...

wow, it is so beautiful and so is that girl!

great colour!

MUS said...

...en jullie ziet er fijn uit!

JasperBoy said...

Hello Lieveke!

from Jen in Melbourne

Sally Anne said...

Simply gorgeous, and a perfect fit !

edward and lilly said...

So sweet, I love that colour!

kirsten said...

this hat rocks!
shame my kid wouldn't wear it... it isn't PINK!!
i would wear it, tho. :)

Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

Wow - all of your creations are so tidy and perfect! Also...your presentation rules.

I landed here after reading Nikki's post about (you) paper dolls and her "playing" with them (a.k.a. frightening her child).

Love your work.

Ana said...

This is beautiful - and "crisp" is definitely the word I would think of to describe it. I always like doing patterned hats - it makes the making so much more interesting and also seems to help it finish faster!