Friday, 28 May 2010


More knitted socks.

pattern : Tsunami from Knitted socks East and West
yarn : Cascade Heritage colour Jade
needles : 2.75 and 2.5 mm

I think my favorite pair so far ( but then I always say that).
The stark and very Japanese pattern is stunning, and awesome to knit.
Had a bit of a struggle with the yarn. I love it for the vibrant colour and the very fine drape of the knitted fabric. But i don't feel so romantic about the unusual elasticity (25% nylon!) that created a transitional ladder in between the needles, no matter how hard I yanked the strand. I ended up shifting the stitches every other round, the end ladders. A bit of a mission, but worth the effort, the socks look flawless now, ahem.

Ah, 't is about to begin, the weekend friends!


Nikki Elisabeth said...

You are THE knitting queen.

I love the colour!!

pod and three peas said...

i love all the colours you use :)

Jessicah Win said...

I love seeing your knitting projects. You always find such lovely patterns- I always have to 'fav' them in ravelry straight away!

Ange said...

pretty socks!! and those shoes ...