Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Bamboo dew

The sway,

the rustle, and
softly shining :
the strength.

I started this shawl somewhere in january this year ... The beautiful Habu Kusa kidsilk was a gift from my knitting friend Emily (thank you dear sensei). The color of this exquisite featherweight yarn is bamboo, the 40% silk content makes it shimmer like pearly dew, it's very hard to grasp this in a photo. The pattern of the shawl produces an undulating curly flow, I could block this out, but I won't, it's just right somehow. Although the knitting is fairly straightforward, the Kusa kept slipping of the needles here and there and picking up and fixing was rather frustrating. And so I did the knitting in stages, doing a few pattern repeats every so often over the months. I am so glad it's finished now! I'm sending it as a birthday gift to my mum in Belgium, she is the kindest and strongest person I know.

Here are the Bamboo dew details in Ravelry,
and some more upclose in Flickr.



Laura said...

This is gorgeous! There's such beautiful shape and shine to it!

kimberlee said...

jaw dropping. I really agree with your choice to not block it, perfect as is!

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

What a beautiful gift for your Mum. I only wish I had your patience. Recently I tried knitting a Baktus shawl, but for some reason the decreasing process has not generated an even triangle - I think I'll stick to paper-crafts and just admire your wonderful and intricate creations. xxb

Sally Anne said...

It's stunning Lies. Your Mum will cherish it.
Beautful work !!