Monday, 16 August 2010


Folded footware
from cherished leftover yarns

Leila {
Night, Arabic}
and Kura {
Morningred, Maori},
our friends' dearest newborn twinsisters.
I thought of their names when I chose the yarns,
and the deep colors of a purple-red Anemone-flower.

How to : Ravelry,
One more photo here in flickr.

It's grey outside
but Lieveke says
there's nothings to stop us from being
happy really.
Well I agree.



victoria said...

Ha ha I do like L's little saying, very true.

Laura said...

So sweet! I love the colour combination.

Knofje said...

They are SO sweet!

kimberlee said...

i how I miss the sweet things lieve says! who had twins???

meg said...

they are perfect for those funny shaped newborn feet. and the colors are sooo lovely.