Thursday, 5 August 2010



Magenta is the color of the wool she chose.
She chose the buttons too.
She's amazing.
I just did the knitting/sewing.

See her twirl here and here.
And here are the Ravelry details.



Nikki Elisabeth said...

Omigoodness - when did she get so damn big!?!? She's looking so grown up! (Do I say that in every comment?)

Lovely lovely knitting as always.


gretchen said...

hi there, LOVE your shared blog, your colours and style are gorgeous.. I'm trying to track down some of the madelinetosh wool and wondering who you bought yours from? seems you cant get it here and lots of the retailers wont ship this far south...

Ms. Chyme said...

What a cute little girl.

La fille Hella said...


Laura said...

This is lovely, and what a sweet photo! I love the mismatched buttons.

victoria said...

I love the photo. She looks so cool and cute and very much like you.

Lies said...

Hey thanks all!!!
Gretchen : I don't think the Tosh is even for sale in NZ... I get it online : go to the website, click retailers and browse the online sellers. Depending the type of Tosh yarn and how much of it, some will ship for 5US$ to NZ, now that's a good deal!

Juliab said...

How cute! I always end up asking my daughter to choose colour schemes as she has a better eye for colour than I do - she is 9 BTW. Those buttons look so great and I don't think many of us would have chosen those colours to go with magenta - but it just works.

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Wow, what a gorgeous twirly little lady - she even has a ponytail now!
Thanks heaps for the link to the tosh yarns site. The woman at the Devonport wool shop looked at me strangely when I made emquiries about that lovely shade of green you used for the shawl.

MUS said...

wow! en wat een super team zijn jullie samen!

vind de origamislofjes ook top.