Thursday, 19 April 2007

Thursday Picture Post

Today I am posting random things that are on my mind so first and foremost, WELCOME BACK LIES AND LIEVEKE!!!!! I have missed my crafting friends so much since they have been away in Belgium. I hear that Grandma had Lieve drinking extra milk and now she is beautifully rotund and ready for a growth spurt. I have not seen them since they got back yesterday but hopefully I will very soon.

These are my friends who just got married and are expecting a child very soon. This baby has the working title of Billie Montana and they have an inkling that she is a she. So we're going with that. I am making them a baby quilt and below are a few shots of my work in progress. It has taken a while because this is my first quilt. Thanks to some instructions from Melissa, I feel it is coming along. Of course there are a mighty few imperfections but i am sure Billie Montana won't mind. :) This quilt is meant to be a surprise and since Mayana doesn't read this blog (i don't think) I feel it is safe to post. And if she does, act surprised anyway when I give it to you.

I chose these colours mainly because it was scrap fabric I already had and I thought they went well together and weren't gender specific. I think boys can like flowers too!

This is a hat I knitted recently from some lovely hand spun hand dyed wool from Canada. My friend Emily gifted it so me because being the avid extraordinary knitter that she is, her collection of yarn is truly epic. Now she just gives the stuff away because she knows she could never use it in her lifetime (we are talking suitcases and suitcases full). So thanks to you! And Thanks to little Arwyn for modeling it for me. I think it best fits a 2-4 year old and I also have one just like it for a tiny baby. I am planning on making more. What do you think of the shape?

This gorgeous little munchkin is my dear sweet niece who has been on my mind a lot lately. I miss her much and am wishing that I could kiss and cuddle her. I am thinking of channeling that energy into a gift. Perhaps my second quilt will be for her :)

Last but not least is the Beautiful Bride to Be, Laura. These pictures were taken on her hens night (yes that is me next to her in the first pic) and I am very excited to be going to her wedding this Saturday. She and Mike are getting married at her family home out in the country. I anticipate a very enchanting event. Doesn't Laura look stunning even in her silly hen's night get-up!

okay must get going for today. 9;30 in the AM and I am still in my bathrobe (the shame)!


aka Special K said...

so much going on in your world! the quilt looks gorgeous. One of my aims for this year is to learn to sew, I'm going to do nightclasses over the winter. Then I'm going to make myself a gorgeous red quilt and never have to buy another duvet cover again ...

Fiona said...

The hat is superb! I've love knitted headwear and dream of wearing it. I'll look like a nutcase wearing one here. Make more of it!! :-)
The quilt is pretty even for a boy. and have lotsa fun this Sat! :-)

VictoriaE said...

All those photos are gorgeous. I like the name "Billie Montana", one of my foster daughters has the second name Montana (I call her "Daughter Two" on my blog to keep her anonymous for legal & safety reasons). The quilt is looking good, is that scraps of old bedsheets I see?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly and Lies, thanks for replying I will get back to you on the hat. They are some of the coolest hats Ive seen. Meagan across the seas.

Eve's Bijoux said...

That quilt is so beautifully made. I love the fabrics you chose.