Thursday, 31 May 2007

random fashion collage to INSPIRE

(^^this woman with the hand warmer
is my ultimate favourite!) click to enlarge

Last night was craftwerk which charmed me as usual for I love to see all the beautiful people that support craft. Lies and I have much fun chatting to each other and our faithful customers.
More than anything else, I was much inspired by an 11 year old boy who arrived to buy zines and browse the handmade goods. He seemed to have only coins to spend so I know the zine he bought was chosen with great care (the zine maker should be honoured by such a purchase).

But what really inspired me was his sense of style... he made such bold choices for such a young lad-a funky over sized 80s knitted jumper that he had thrifted, and skinny jeans to match his very skinny pre adolescent self. Anyway he reminded me of my favourite fashion blog that features photographs of street fashion in Helsinki Finland. So here are some of my favourite looks. Hope it inspires you too!

the woman in the lower right corner wearing the party dress is a close second
click to enlarege


Here is proof that men can be crafters too. The above vinyl stickers were created by two chaps on the vinyl cutter at Elam art school. They call themselves BYE BYE BANG BANG (no web page to link yet, but I'll share as soon as then get on the world wide web) and they also have a selection of pins... but I assure you its all very tough stuff. very manly ... guns, skulls, jet planes etc. We actually did a trade which I think is the finest way to come by crafts... 3 cards for a pack of vinyl stickers and a pin. My sewing machine is now looking very 'street' and that horse is dancing across my fridge. Random bird stuck in there just because.... gift from Lies :)

I do a little twirl

here is a skirt I made last Tuesday afternoon when I was feeling particularly inspired. I got the fabric in Indonesia a few years back and I decided to go with a short pleated skirt because I thought is would make the fabric more playful instead its propensity to look hippy/world (which is just not my bag). This is the first skirt I have ever made and I didn't use a pattern. I am still a little hesitant when I am wearing it because I fear it screams 'hey, I made this myself' and not in a good way. I did get some sideways looks from people at school which didn't help my confidence -though design students are so different from fine arts students I have noticed :)

okay I hope to show you a few more things this week but we'll see. I need to be working on my illustration piece for exhibition, and I am watching baby sweet Lieveke today. yipeee! that child and I are fast friends :)



G.G. said...

Adorable skirt!

Fiona said...

Many creative people in NZ I realized. Those stickers were good swaps.

Your skirt turns out well! I can't work without a pattern. :-)

melissa said...

gorgeous skirt! i think it suits you well. and those stickers indeed make your sewing machine very cool and 'street'. jealous!

i love hel-looks. how i wish the streets of my home town were filled with such stylee people. xx

flowertreehouse said...

go finland go hand warmers they rock go anything that is cozy that is so not "in" but is in to the creative minded!!

kate said...

Hello ladies, have a lovely craft morning. I am on the plane to Nelson at lunch time - heading off to a family gathering in French Pass. Enjoy.

flowertreehouse said...

Hi Kimberley, my husband and I are living in Shanghai at the mom, and went on holiday to HOng Kong, coolest place, funky place, we are from Australia mate, we are actually due home end of June. Doesnt that Johnny Depp, look cool, he did look like him. Thanks for the comments on my flowertreehouse. I ended up buying a hat at Hong kOng Disney, but its not as groovy as the sunhats you guys make. cheers Meagan.

VictoriaE said...

I love the story about the boy with the knitted jumper and how he so carefully chose his purchase..

paper. string. cloth said...

Hi Kimberley....
Thanks for dropping by again, it's always lovely to hear from people who read the blog!
I'm trying to be a fan of Zadie Smith.....I love the way she writes, but for some reason I haven't managed to finish a book by her yet....which is unusual for me!
I'm planning on putting the cabinet in the hallway, it's quite small, and I think it might be good to dump keys on, the mail, you know, that sort of thing.....

I'm loving those've gotta love the men who craft!
Leah xx