Wednesday, 5 September 2007

cloud and rain

Overcast and rain today so I am hoping its just those spring showers and not another winter day. On Saturday a friend gave me a bunch of old Indonesian style dresses to use as fabric. Of course they had that musty smell since they had been living in a grandmother's closet for decades. But after a whirl through the washer they still smell. Any ideas on how to get rid of the smell? So far I have just kept them on the line and have welcomed the rain.
Been making these little guys as well hopefully to sell at the next craftwerk. Forgive the bad lighting, as my post title says the sun doesn't shine today.

Also I've been quilting though I am a bit shy to post photos yet. I've been making the cathedral quilt using Leah's tutorial. I pretty much followed her colour scheme as well because imitation is the best form of flattery. really.

Otherwise I have been busy this week working on our company website and portfolio. This is for my husband and I, not crafting stuff. Since I am done with studying, we decided to combine forces officially so he's got digital design covered and I'm all over illustration (represent!). Soon the website will be finished and you can go have a look. We have a new company name as well but I am keeping that like a secret until the site is finished. (I'm such a tease)

In domestic news, I recently found the BEST oatmeal cookie recipe and just had to share it with you all. Its from the College Hill Presbyterian Church's recipe book Cooking for Generations and was given to me by my auntie from Ohio. I made a few changes (butter in place of lard (shudder), a bit less sugar, and the standard metric conversions)

Friends, when it comes to baking, leave it to the Amish.
click to enlarge
*If you are like me and think more is more when it comes to cookies, try making these GIANT sized. I promise you will not be disappointed.



VictoriaE said...

I think getting the old smell out of the dresses has something to do with bicarbonate soda, but I don't know what! I like the fabric combos on the stuffies, again.

charlotte said...

oh yes - I do believe more is more when it comes to ANY baking!!!

I had a load of musty stuff from a garage sale which I washed three times and the smell stayed in.

In hindsight I should have gone and bought some Persil Aloe or something that is fragranced. That would have done the job. No wussy organic stuff for jobs like this!

Blogland is turning into a laundry forum isn't it LOL !!

Fiona said...

The toys look good sitting together. :) Baking is one activity I hope to learn and pick up, soon I hope. Will try whatever recipe I can get on for cookies. Thanks for sharing.

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Photos please!
I'm dying to see the quilt in action!

For the musties: try half a cup of bicarb soda in the wash as well as your laundry powder, or do the same with half a cup of white vinegar....

If all else fails, use the pongiest laundry powder you can find!

Leah xx

lynn said...

try soaking the fabric, for a long time, in a tub (or your washing machine) in baking soda (maybe this is bicarbonate soda??) Then rinse and hang in the sun. Try several times, if needed. This works a lot of times, but not always.

Kate said...

gorgeous!! When do we get to meet up. I am keen to get some crafty goodness happening soon.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

What the others said about baking soda! I second it - works wonders for nappies.

And lotsa sunlight.

P.S. I had a couch come back to me once reeking of cat pee... left it out in the rain/sun/general weather and you can't smell a thing now! So maybe just leaving them out like you are currently doing might work.

Helen said...

I like your little creatures - my favourite is the floral one with the heart.

Felicia said...

Love your new creatures!

hana said...

lavender oil of course!!!

ps. my mum was looking over my shoulders and we both LOVE the stuffed manimals

melissa said...

those cookies look amazing and i've never tried an amish recipe before- that WILL be my first.
thank you for sharing!

i agree witht he baking soda- add it to the wash, and then air the clothes outside for a few more days. the fabric looks great by the way!

and oh. my. goodness. i'm in love with your little toys. in LOVE!