Friday, 21 September 2007

melting hearts club

This child has my heart melting lately. She is such a happy, generous person. Lieveke, Auntie Kimberlee LOVES YOU!

me and sweetums

click photo to enlarge (note the tiny helping hands)

Today Lies and I had a much needed catch up. I was able to see these gorgeous toddler bibs she has been making. Lies, you have such a eye for colour and pattern combinations. Your fun and funky things that are more than just eye candy, they are functional too! Seeing these today inspired me to this conclusion: WE ARE MOST DEFINITELY OPENING AN ETSY STORE VERY SOON!
(front and back view)

YAY! See, Lieveke is already celebrating this announcement! Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of our work and inquired about purchasing online because now we are going to do it! I am going to do some serious work on it this weekend so hopefully our etsy store will be going by next week. I want to put Lies' quilted toddler bibs in there first since they were the catalyst.
Just when I thought my morning couldn't get any better, BAM! unexpected blanket karma came at me out of nowhere. Look what I got for (only) TEN FLIPPIN DOLLARS at the aotea markets on my way home from Lies and Lieveke's house. And I had just been admiring a beautiful handmade blanket Lies' friend gave her (t'was found on the side of the road) and suddenly I have a similar one myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the loving hands that made this, I know you are out there somewhere.

I think this is another sign of the twin link between Lies and I. This blanket is a once in a lifetime find, and we both received ours in the same week?!!?! That's more than coincidence. (Lies you must post a picture of your blanket so they can see what I am talking about)

click to enlarge if you want a better look at the intricate work

At the same market junk stall, I found this floral needle work in excellent condition. It immediately found a home in our kitchen. On the right: Installation with needle work, peaches, sea salt, and lemon.

Need more inspiration? I got it. Look at this little plant that started growing among the scummy litter in our courtyard. triumph over tragedy. (Litter courtesy of our upstairs neighbors, thanks guys. please send more empty beer cans and soggy cigarettes our way.)

well, das ist alles fur heute.
glückliches Wochenende


VictoriaE said...

Great blanket, how cool is the edging!

Fiona said...

Great that you found the blanket! :)
& what nasty neighbours.. yikes.

Lies said...

Sprechen sie deutsch jetst oder was ist das? Alledings FAAAAAR OUT das blanky und das needlepoint!!! Metchen metchen! Fielen dank fur diese scheune picturen von der lievie. Zie ist zer fat und chubby ich glaube. Cute und happy.
X Liesel

melissa said...

sprechen sie deutsch jetzt, kimberlee? ich glaube, das blanket ist super-tolle.
and the etsy shop idea (deutsch ran out, sorry...) is the best thing EVER! yes- you must try that out- all the best with it- and let me know if i can help out at all with setting it up. go anemone!

Charlotte said...

also Du sprichst Deutsch!! Ich hatte keine Ahnung. Woher kommt das denn?


Becky said...

An etsy shop?? JOY of JOYS! I can't wait to be able to start sharing your crafties in the US of A. Miss you loooooooove you.

Eve's Bijoux said...

Glad to hear you are opening an etsy shop soon. And what a beautiful blanket!