Tuesday, 11 September 2007

weekend snippets

1) Shoe shopping: not exactly a vintage but I love 'em. I couldn't buy shoes second hand even if I wanted to. My size nine trotters just don't fit the dainty dimensions of yesteryear. sigh.

2)New rag dolls to add to the collection. I took the whole batch over to Lies' new apartment and let little Lieveke 'test' them for me. After she walked around giving them in exaggerated, pantomimed cuddles for ages, I knew they were a hit. Ta Lieve.

3) I spent some some studying this warped knife that melted in the dishwasher. I think its pretty fascinating. Though when Luke (dh) opened up the dishwasher, he inhaled a cloud of steamy plastic in its gaseous state and promptly had a coughing fit. That scared me a little.

This incident reminds me of a game my brother played when he was little called 'scientist'. It was pretty simple, he just gathered all the dangerous cleaning products, you know the ones with the skull and cross bones warnings on the labels, and mixed them together in the laundry room sink to see what would happen. Scary! And of course my mom didn't know and I can't remember if she ever caught him (but you know now, hi mom!).

4) Fancy a little travel? Luke and I are planning our next big trip but more on that later.

5) After taking the photo above I decided to pan the camera 45 degrees to my right so you could see who follows me around everywhere. BEHOLD: my greatest admirer. For the record, If I had panned the camera 45 degrees to the right or left for any of the other pictures I have EVER taken inside our apartment, I guarantee the results would be similar to this one.

Craftwerk is this Thursday and like always, it has crept up on us. Later I will do a little post that will perhaps entice people go but I am almost out of time now.

Before I go I wanted to say THANKS for all the comments and feedback from everyone lately. It means much to me :)



Melissa said...

thank you for those snippets from your weekend- i think plannnig world adventures with luke sounds like the most fun. yippee- japan, berlin!?

My Happy Turtle said...

Those rag bunnies are the cutest! Love the fabric choices.

VictoriaE said...

Well, everyone needs an admirerer to follow them around, don't they. I like your muted colors in the rag doll animals, they look soft and friendly.

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Travel!! So jealous! I only wish... *sigh*

Love the funky boots. Wish I could do heels more often but they need a place to go. Heels at home just isn't as appealing.

and great toys. Tobin said he wanted one like that when he was peering over my shoulder. For sale?


Becky said...

The shoes that beckoned me to call you!


geek booteek said...

Hey I loved your ragdolls at craftwerk, you gotta make more!!