Saturday, 27 October 2007

Just a little pixie

Oh la la I've been too busy having fun (my lovely unc and auntie from B came over and I HAD to show them EVERYTHING) and not so fun (workworkworkworkohthatisgettingboringsorry)...
Sigh sigh sigh. Not enough words...
Ok, just a little pixie then :

Yes it is Lieveke, trodding towards sheep (she is actually saying baaaaaa too). And because this is a crafty blog : yes I did knit the hat.
I've tried (heavens where does time go...) to add a few things to our Etsy shop, enjoy :
-a new Fruity pinny (more to come, soon, when I know where to find time chuckle chuckle)

-a Tweety skirt in the pink Joel Dewberyy birds, with a green-trees rim (my very very favorite fabric in the whole southern hemisphere)

-and a Tweety skirt in the green JD birds, with a colorful raindrops rim.

I will post some more soon X


Debra said...

Ahh such sweetness! Beautiful clothes and excellent models as always :-)

Sally Anne said...

Those tweety skirts are gorgeous , I love the fabric too!

Kimberlee + Lies said...

photo love! that picture of lieveke in the country side is gorgeous, especially with her little red hat contrasting with the green fields.

great new pinnie and skirts, I hope you are able to take a picture and post that yellow flower pinne you showed emily and me:)


flowertreehouse said...

Very cool materials. Great work.