Tuesday, 30 October 2007

time is on my side

Don't mind the mess reflected in the mirror

Last week was very busy for me, I had a big deadline for an illustration project and had much difficulty finishing it off. I don't want to go into too much detail but I will say that the wind was taken out of my sails (so to speak) and it's taken me some time to recover. After a good weekend, lots of sleep, and some talks with understanding friends, I am now feeling much better.

With the illustration project finished off, I now have time to make things again. So yes, time is on my side.
This is the bag I made today. Though I like it, I am not sure what to do with it, Craftwerk is coming up so I might try to sell it there but I am thinking of putting it on etsy. My hesitation is that etsy is over flowing with tote bags and I am worried it would just get lost in the shuffle. Any thoughts?

There was time to make this basic skirt by doubling up the fabric and adding an elastic waist band. Something just for me:)

I also did a shop update, so there are some new ragtime dolls on our etsy. It's quite important to me that the things I make have integrity and I've noticed is a common mission among crafters. For me, and probably for a lot of crafters out there, seeing my creations in use and functioning well brings a feeling of achievement and satisfaction, as well as a sense of integrity.

I don't have any children yet so it's not as easy for me to 'test' things out. But A friend's five year old daughter came over the other day and I was able to see my ragtime dolls in action. She lined them all up and had an involved game of pretend. Lieveke, who is only 18 months, likes to cuddle them, shake them, and toss them around :) I am glad they seem to be interesting and fun for such a wide age range.

These guys are my favourite out of this batch of ragtime dolls

Well its just about time to go start dinner. I am inspired anew by a great vegetarian cooking book I got for my birthday from Luke's granny. Most of the recipes feature sensible, on hand ingredients for simple, everyday food. There are lots of traditional recipes from different cultures as well as some classics with Vegetarian alternatives. I can't wait to make the Shepard's pie with lentils and kidney beans instead of mince.

hope you are all well.



Kates said...

Can I please buy the bag, it's the nicest one I've seen in ages. I love it! I am a bit turquoise fan. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! How is the new home!! Are you able to email me info on craftwerk?xxx Kate

Charlotte said...

i LOVE the bag!!!!!! and your dolls are so cute. I must go and carry on with the bunny I am making.

Fiona said...

The bag looooks fab! :)

Hope you're feeling better already. The shephard's pie making plan sounds yummy.

Eve's Bijoux said...

The bag is great. Mmmm...shepard pie sounds good.

Victoria said...

Well, I hope you get the wind back in your sails this week. It's a crazy time of year too. (that was a great phrase to use by the way, love the description).

My Happy Turtle said...

Isn't it nice to have time to do what you love? Your bag turned out fantastic - I love it! But, I agree that Etsy is a bit flooded with bags and totes. So, to answer your question (on my blog) I don't have an Etsy for that reason. Plus, I do enjoy selling bags locally so I can run into them every once in a while out on the street (yep, egomaniac). However, I have to say I'm sorely tempted to purchase one of your lovely dolls They are so cute. It's nice that you can try out different things. I'm stuck in tote-land until Patty Fair. Have a great week!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Luuurve the ragtime dolls. And the skirt is super cute. It's funny how you forget to make stuff for yourself with all the other people to create for!