Thursday, 11 October 2007


So the big news is we bought this place (but not the furniture shown)! Its a big studio apartment located upstairs in the building we already have already been living/renting in for that past year and a bit. We are pretty happy and feel it was really a blessing. Luke and I can't wait to move in and nest.
I also made these guys yesterday. I call them Ragtime Dolls. Yes it was a marathon session of sewing but I wanted to get some stuff up on our esty (most of the stuff up there is Lies' at the moment). I did a photo session today and got yoshi to endorse them for me (he is such a sell out, he'll do anything for a little attention).

yoshi is looking demure with corduroy rabbit (I realise I am half a step away from 'crazy pet owner' status. I'm okay with this)

Just as I got my Ragtime Dolls listed on etsy, these guys sold!!!! Imagine my surprise! Lies has also sold a couple things so we are walking around with permanent, shocked smiles.

IT GROWS! IT GROWS! This is for you leah, a cathedral quilt update. The hand sewing is taking forever but I am starting to believe I may actually finish this someday. It takes a particular brand of madness to undertake such a quilt. I think anyone who finishes a cathedral quilt should get some sort or congratulatory tattoo. And if it's queen or (gasp) king sized, well, they should outright retire instantly upon finishing (or just after they get their tattoo).

In other news, who has the new radiohead album? (hand raised) Well folks there is nothing stopping you because they have independently released it in two forms. One: a 'pay what you like' Internet download, and two: a $160 (approx) collectors album box set. Brilliant eh?! I think many people will actually pay something (though you could potentially pay nothing) for the download in order to encourage future awesomeness of the like. awesome.

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Lies said...

Isn't it ALL great? But e-space-ially the place! The place! It looks so stunning!!!
See you tonight for BUBBLIES!!!
X Lies

Debra said...

Hi there Kimberlee, thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog, (Debra aka allthingsreally blog and allthingspretty@etsy and Senga Arts) ha... so many names!!
Yeah I'm also in Auckland, (North Shore) and love living here, (originally from England UK).
Your place looks fab!! And your wonderful work, fabrics etc... uh I'll also be back ha!!
Now I'm off to fave your Etsy shop too!! Keep up the good work both of you, look forward to keeping up with you
Debra x
by the way, thanks for adding to your blog roll!! I still haven't a clue how to do liks etc... grrr... one day, one day!!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

I love all of it - the place, the toys the quilt!
Congratulations..... I can't wait to see photos once you've moved in.....

Leah xxx

GiGi said...

Love the rag dolls!... sooo cute!

kates said...

that's awesome news!!! Well done. I can't wait to be able to buy a house!!

Victoria said...

GREAT NEWS!!! Congratulations. That place looks fantastic. You're gonna love moving in and decorating and all that, very cool. I like your latest creations. As always, the fabric combinations are particularly inspiring.

Charlotte said...

oh wow look at your new place!!!!! I am so excited for you. And yes - SOLD toys - so cool!

And I want to use your beautiful walls as props for a photo shoot one day - hee hee :)

am just about to upload a cute photo of astrid in her lovely presents too...

Eve's Bijoux said...

Wow, what an amazing open space. I am jealous. Too bad it doesn't come with the furniture.

Fiona said...

Congrats on the new place and the dolls deserve to be sellouts! :)

Diane said...

Just finished a small wall sized quilt like this...aren't they gorgeous?

Anonymous said...