Monday, 15 October 2007

Pretty peeks

Take a peek dears:
More touring of the house : this is our dining table, a bit colorful, a bit messy, a bit eclectic and that's just who and what we are! I found 'citron flotant' (as we call it - floating lemon) in an oppy. The tiny painting of a loaf is called 'love hurts' and was made by my friend artist Kim in Belgium, it's the only piece of art I was able to bring here. The awesome embroidery was made by a 15 year old artist, he did a whole series of 'war-scenes'! We purchased it through our friends Robert and Lulu, who have a wonderfully creative clothes and accessories shop in St. Kevins arcade on K Road here in Auckland. Check their web-thing : oui-boutique!

And look at how lovely my little model Sian is. She is my friend Tessa's second child, only 3 months old and simply stunning. Truly, Sian has a distinctively rounded and open face. She reminds me of cherry-blossom somehow. Mama Tessa is an actress, and I think Sianie will be at least just as glamorous in the future! She's modeling a 'Fruity pinnie' in red apples and flowery fabrics, for our Etsy shop.
***update : this red apple pinnie sold the day after I posted it on our blog!***

And last but not least : my yummy find of vintage fabrics. I'm going to make fifties-style toddler tops out of them I think... Oh. I'm so in love with the black-and-pink-number, it will end up in Lieveke's wardrobe for sure! And the green-blue-tufts are so pretty for happy children's gear! And the deco-glam-burbon-motif... And the sweety baskets... I'm going to have sooooo much funnnnnn.

Have nice and sunny week!


paula said...

I found your etsy shop through Anknel & Burblets and just wanted to say that I love your products and your photos! I don't have any babies yet, but when I do I'll hope for a girl so I can get her one of your pinnies. :)

Debra said...

your dining area looks so interesting and colourful. Oh the little baby is pure sweetness - your apple dress is devine too.
Uh the fabrics!!! Well you'll have fun turning those lovelies into some nice things I'm sure!!
Happy creating x

Sally Anne said...

What a little darling Sian is and I love those pinnies.
Your arty wall collection looks great too and especially the gorgeous fabrics. I'm drooling!

melissa said...

man, that embroidery!!? i can't believe a 15 yr old did it- it makes me happy and sad at the same time.

sian is such a beauty - and the fruity pinnies are indeed wonderful and smile-inducing.

Geek Booteek said...

Hey thanks for the comments!! We're getting a really cool response to the toys we submitted to the show, we're just hoping people will buy them!!

As far as books on plushies go, Plush You have a book they've just released, it's on Amazon. There's a bunch more when you type that in too!

Victoria said...

You found that lemon pic in an oppy?! Very good and that child is absolutely beautiful, a great model.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

can't wait to see what you make!

let me know if you need to borrow the camera for another modeling session. you will have to borrow Sian too, is she darling!


Charlotte said...

I love the big swirly one on the right in the top picture!!!!!