Saturday, 15 December 2007


Well I was away for a few weeks while my parents were here (did you miss me?) and now I have a million catch up things to do, none of which are fun (laundry, cleaning, IRD stuff to sort, etc). I won't bore you with a long post about my recent adventures because the daunting to do list is taking priority.

Instead here are some photo's of our new place. they are already outdated because I took them a few weeks ago, oh well:)

the lounge... did I ever mention that my husband is a bit of a minimalist? Here's the evidence

I finally got a table and chairs!

the compact but very functional kitchen

urban garden: this project is expanding and I have lots of plans

climb jasmine, climb!

awaiting herbs

I somehow forgot to take shots of my studio, but there will be more to come

we had a very good craftwerk last night and I will put some photos up soon:)

it's good to be back



fiona said...

I like those chairs & bench. :) Very very nice place!


Charlotte said...

ooh we really *have* to have crafty girls cake afternoon at your place...
we are here over the xmas hols!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Yay for being back. And super yay for funky new apartment.

It makes me want to move out and create a place of my own!

rebecca said...

Love your new place, Kim! The exposed brick is fantastic and I love how open it is. Looks exaclty like a place I'd get myself if I were in the city. I've settled for the more cottagey look -- old at least, rather than new-- in the suburbs. :) I'll have to send you some pics one of these days...after the holidays. Hope you had a great time with your parents and that you and Luke have a lovely Christmas. Love, Rebecca

Victoria said...

I like your place. I'm into brick walls inside, although a lot of people don't like them I think they look cosy!

Melissa said...

wow- your new apartment is lovely! i like the minimal look in your living space- clean walls can be so relaxing. :)

flowertreehouse said...

lovely place. Welcome back.