Thursday, 6 December 2007

A visitor at night

Traditionally on the 6th of december, Saint Nicolas ('Sinterklaas') brings toys to children in Belgium, the Netherlands and possibly some more European countries... The children live longingly towards this day, they write letters to the Saint, explaining they've been sweet (hmm) and they'd like this or that toy. They wait and wait and wait and sing songs about the Saint to help with all that waiting...

Singing 'Sinterklaas kapoentje, leg wat in mijn schoentje' (roughly : Saint Nicolas, I'm your little scallywag, put a thingy in my little clog...)

And the holy man travelled all the way around the globe, on his white horse and with his (no so PC) black helper Piet (Pete), to deliver some toys for Lieveke in New Zealand! The Saint arrived late at night, found a carrot for his horse, some homemade bikkies and a pint of beer for himself and Piet. He then set about to stalling his presents lovingly on the dinner table, for that is his biggest pleasure. He had to get going before morning, of course, he has many many other deliveries to make! So, this morning Lieveke, much to her delight, found the table so laden with goodness!

Oh my goodness!

A wooden ark with Noah, his girlfriend (?) and animals, a tin in the shape of a car with felt pens, two books, a Maisy DVD (hmmm, saint? Ohhh, well) and two puzzels. Whoa! Good timing too as rain poored out of the sky the whole day, but the new toys kept Lieveke very very happy!

What a coincidence : both Gabriel and I have fond childhood memories of the Moomin tales.

Friends, the surpise-birthday-give-away (see previous post) is still on, please don't be shy and scribble a quick comment. Thanks for your warm responses so far! Oh Kat, of course I can make a bigger one! Send us an Email with your child' s head-circumference (heavens, what a scary word) and we'll go from there! Debra, how great to hear from you and so glad you like the kimono-wrap, I loved making it!
Lucky Kimberlee is currently roaming the fab New Zealand country side with her lovely folks, who are over from the States. She says (texts actually aha) to say she misses you all!
I haven't done much crafting this week - apart from this wee sweety :

Yay, onto that novel cactus-stand I go.

On that note, happy end of week-days!


Hyena In Petticoats said...

Oooohh - that hat on the cactus looks like a fabulous mushroom!

Merry Saint Nicholas Day..... er....whatever you call it!


Floss said...

I loved reading your post. Lucky little Lieveke, the Noah's ark is gorgeous.

Charlotte said...

ooh what nice things from Sant Niklaus! Lucky there was no piece of black coal ha!

I haven't heard back from Craftwerk yet - does that mean they don't like me!! Or is it still too soon?

Victoria said...

That's a good toy stash there. Happy Blog Birthday to you both!