Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Craftwerk was splendid and for all you people who were able to come, I am sure you will agree. And for all those who couldn't make it, here are some photos. I am especially posting these for my mom, who was just here visiting. Originally craftwerk was going to be happening during her stay, and then it got pushed back to the day after she had to leave. She was gutted to say the least, but I tried to take many pictures to make up for it. It's still not the same.

craftwerk is full of eye candy, I didn't even bother narrowing my photo selection down, so here we go!
SQUIDS!!!! notice they are attacking a ship

These monkey sock toys went like hot cakes. congrats to the seller who is looking so Betty!

these plates are regulars at craftwerk, I think they are sold through toggle. Can you find one that applies to you? *update: made by Trixie Delicious and available HERE.

My friend Kirsten was a vendor for the first time.. Cheek Pinchy is her craft name and she sells cards, collage mural blocks, and these magnets (below) that are also available through toggle.

Some great stuff from Geek Freaks, craftwerk veterans by now :)

Somebody finally cracked the baked goods market! YUM. I do hope they return:)

Anemonecrafts (that's us): Lies looking serene by her tree pinnies (all sold) and tulip dresses.

Lies' new sun hats, which are really fabulous.

some new things I have been making lately, I felt so happy that all of the teddy's went to good homes, this little guy sold just after I took this photo, but I am afraid I didn't get pics of the others. I will make more though!

Charlotte of Anknel&Burblets was right next to us. People were swarming around her skin care line and I think her cards and purses were popular as well. yea.

sawed off tea cups make nice bangles. Clever crafter, who ever you are:)
*update Rekindle is available at toggle

Somehow I didn't manage to get a photo of Kate from Fossage but she did booming business! congrats to you!

It just went from sunny to pouring down rain here, which is so Auckland. Also there are some industrial fans malfunctioning outside my window so peaceful 'blogging time' is officially over. Good thing because I am having trouble typing. I am so so incredibly sore from my morning swim that it hurts to press down on the keyboard, ouch. anyway I am off to close windows and do activities that require minimal arm movement.

auf wiedersehen,


Geek Booteek said...

It was good to see you guys! Hope it went well for you, it's also awesome to see some craftwerk pics up online!!!!!!!

fiona said...

The atmosphere must be an all time high! So many creative goods for sale. :)

Charlotte said...

yay it was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again. Great pics too. Next time I'll be a bit more sociable and go and say hello to people!!

Anonymous said...

Great shots of the stalls and your fab stand! We always seen to miss Craftwerk ha!! One day, one day...
Well done to you both x

kimberlee & Lies said...

Hee hee, serene! Yuh I guess so, serene, oh golly gosh so funny...
Anyway such a colorful photo-reportage! Well done!
X Lies

ashley rose helvey said...

awww, this looks like so much fun! and i loooovvve the name CRAFTWERK!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you took those photos, it was such a frenzy that I didn't get a chance to look around - now I feel like I've seen it all :)
I love the squids, do you know who made them - they're superb. Have a wonderful xmas!!!

- Kate - Fossage

Louise said...

Ooooh, looks like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for posting the great photos. I especially love those teacup bracelets - what a cool idea!

Victoria said...

Hey, great stuff. LOVE the work of your friend Kirsten. Your looks good too.

Lynn said...

So fun to see these pics. of craftwerk - next time I hope to be there in person. Loved meeting Lies also, as lovely in person, inside and out, as I imagined she'd be.

Love, Mom

flowertreehouse said...

Man that must be such a rush. How cool. Very groovy stuff. love the little material shoes.