Monday, 3 December 2007


Dear friends,
Today is the first birthday of our blog!

For a year now, we 've been posting our ideas and experiences about, in and around our craft projects. We've been showing not only the products of our creative sewing, knitting, illustration and design efforts, but also the context that sparkles the inspiration : our homes. families, fancies and interests, activities and events. Sometimes we've also shown you our hearts, often a lot of our laughs and maybe a little tear here and there. It's been a fabulous experience so far, sharing all (well, most) that we create!
So what we really wanna celebrate is you, our readers , our friends!
You've all been so supportive and interested and responsive. Your input gives our creative endeavors/whims a sense of perspective and appreciation. You often have very inspiring craft-blogs yourselves and it's so nice to find some 'soft cushioning' as in feed-back and suggestions in this crafty blog-community that you constitute. Oh, thanks thanks all you-dears out there!!!

So, what's a celebration without a big surprise and looooots of presents? We have decided to give away some feasty things!

If you leave a comment on this post, you might have a chance (surprise!) to win a present :

-from my (Lies) sewing basket, for your baby or toddler (your child, grand-child, niece or nephew, best friends little one,...) :

a 'little pocket' dress for a toddler girl (between 1 and 2 yrs)

a reversible fruity pinnie for a newborn girl (till about 6 months)

a unisex toddler sunhat

a set of 3 unisex baby bibs

-from Kimberlee's artist folder :

a 6 pack of bird cards

a collage 4 pack of sea cards, like these

Next Monday Lieveke will draw names out of a tacky pink cowgirl hat (but she loves it, what can you do and what is tacky anyway...), if you want a specific item (for ex. you want a baby pinnie cause a toddler dress would just look too silly on your newborn! Or : you prefer unisex items cause your boy would look a bit too avant-garde in a dress), please specify in your comment.

Oh, as promised, I did an Etsy update : there are new pretty things for babies and todds, such as this new design, a tulip dress in Japanese stylised 'sugarcane stripes'.

And really, thank you all
X Lies


Kimberley said...

Happy birthday Anemone girls! From the other Kimberley xxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday anemone...happy birthday anemone! Happy birthday anenome-eeeeee...

Happy birthday, anemone!

(sung to the tune of happy birthday!)

You guys are great!

x Helen

Hana and Jacob said...

whoah, we're not blog friends anymore!

oh well, congrats and greetings from chiang mai at a computer facing the ancient wall and mega decorations for the king's 80th birthday

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Happy blog birthday lovely girls!

Here's to another year of crafty madness!


Leah xxxx

Gina said...

wow, a year! I regularly check in on this blog and get inspired, so thank YOU for a great year of posts. i really like your fabrics - my baby girl is a little too small yet for her wrap around dress (etsy) so i have it hung on the wall to admire. hmmm, on that note i've got my fingers crossed for the pocket dress!

petal said...

Happy Birthday Anemone! Hope your next year of crafting and blogging is a great one.

My kids are a bit bigger than toddlers so if I won a prize I'd like the cards.

rag_grrl_nz said...

Oh well done! I am a recent convert :) My niece and nephew are 8months and 3 respectively. My two are too big for your lovelies :( The cards are also tres cool. Here's to another great year of blogging!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Anemone.......looking forward to another year of inspiration.

*BB* said...

Happy birthday! Time flies in the blogging world!

I'm lusting after that pinny for my 61 yr old great uncles new baby.

Charlotte said...

happy birthday you girlies!!! yay how fun and exciting!!!!

yes I wish I had a newborn for that gorgeous little dress in those scrumptious fabrics!!!!!

Just got my craftwerk appliation in and asked to sit next to you HA HA :)

Sally Anne said...

A very happy birthday to you two! It has been really great meeting you in the blog world, thank you both for all the inspiration.

kimberlee & Lies said...

just popping in from a little interenet cafe in the bay of islands ($3 for 20 mins, yikes)

the tulip dresses are fabulous!

thanks for the great posts recently lies, such true and heartfelt words about what our blog means to us and how thankful we are to our readers/blog community


Melissa said...

no no... thank YOU both! i love dropping in here for some colour and smiles and thoughts. i love anemone crafts!
here's to many more happy blogging years ahead.
xx melissa xx

Kat said...

Happy blog birthday! I love reading your blog.
The little dresses are so cute, and you have great taste in fabrics~! The toddler sunhats look great, and just what we need.. but they probably wouldn't fit my 3.5 year old, unless you can make them bigger?
Look forward to reading more posts!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Happy Blog Birthday Kimberlee and Lies!

I love your creations and the little tales you tell. More more more!


plumtickled said...

OH.... Happy Birthday Blog! Mine is this month too! How exciting!

It's been fun seeing what ya'll have been up to around the world. I love seeing the baby grow up as well!

I can't wait to see what the new year brings to your creative minds!

charlotte said...

I'm a recent convert to your blog - the things you make are gorgeous! Happy Blog Birthday to you! I'm looking forward to buying some things for my little girl who turns one just after Christmas. Too many perfect gifts to choose from!

flowertreehouse said...

Very cool fabrics

My Happy Turtle said...

Happy blogaversary girls! Thanks for a year's worth of inspiration!

Anonymous said...

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