Monday, 6 October 2008


my internet is back! sort of. its getting better so here I am!

Well I finally sent my items for the NZ Clothes swap group! That means that my old clothes will have new life. Just like shooting arrows from my fashion quiver, out into the world I fire the aloha top, the hippy dress, and the posh work shirt. goodbye and godspeed! May you bring merry times to your new owners!

on the other end of the swap... TA DA!!!!!
"we likes the new scarf!" proclaim the floating heads.
thanks r.w.s.

I also received a BEAUTIFUL top, which I have yet to take photos of, but I will and maybe I will even make another epic photoshop tribute.

groove is in the heart
and these are in the shop!



R.W.S. said...

That picture is so great. Makes me think of a psychedelic Mt. Rushmore? Or something??
Anyway, it's awesome, and I'm glad you like the scarf. :)

Victoria said...

Wonderful scraf gratitude picture!! You are a bit crazy, you know that... It's the right way to be.