Monday, 20 October 2008

I sing of summer

The good news is out! I have been sitting on Lies' secret for several weeks now, and I am so so glad everyone knows! now we can all talk about it, and you did! thanks for the comments... woo-hoo! I can't wait for the new little one to get here.

Today, some sure signs of summer:
This shadow was on my floor at 7pm, daylight savings is starting to pay off. I can't wait for light evening walks, night BBQs, going to the beach after work, and the all those good summer activities.

puppy love
Yoshi's canine pal Anita had puppies recently and little Tito here has taken a strong liking to the yosh. We just love walking our pack of happy wild dogs around the central city, we definitely bring a little chaos where ever we go!

In my garden this week, these flowers are looking especially purty.

Also a found plant object from my morning walk around albert park. I think it fell from a tree.

It's now a perishable hair accessory. Thanks mom for teaching me that pinning flowers in your hair is a good idea. (remember daffodils in my hair for school on spring days?)

hope you are enjoying this changing weather too.


Kirsten said...

Ahh spring days and flowers in the hair! Bliss!

Melissa said...

beeeautiful hair, k!
that is better than any shop-bought hair accessory.
happy spring! x

ruby in the dust said...

see, sometimes trees ARE better than art! see you at Kraftbomb :)

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

That's a beautiful new springtime banner Kimberlee and a gorgeous living accessory. Actually it was your wonderful post on your life drawing a wee while back that inspired my current post. All the best - I hope our paths cross soon.

Victoria said...

It looks RAD as a hair piece.
I think your new blog header is divine.

R.W.S. said...

What an cute & rag-tag pack of dogs! I like the strange hairpiece and the new look of the blog.