Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A smile

*dear little tiles with roses gifted by a friend
who's also having her second baby*

Thank you so for all your warm wishes!

No sooner had I blogged to the world about our little flower (as Lieve insists the baby should be named) or we experienced a little scare... An immediate ultrasound from my considerate midwife Ruth (yes, still beating) and a follow up scan the next day (yes, bouncing and twisting and turning and seems very perky) put our minds at rest. (Ehm sort of) I've gotta take it easy.
But all is well.
Then over the weekend Lieveke developed broncheolitis. This is an ugly beast that attacks the lung-'broccoli's' (how'dya explain to a little one) and makes the breathing very difficult. On Sunday night she had to be put on a respirator thing for oxygen. It's strange to see Lieveke pale and quietly wheezing, yet she was ever so brave at the emergency ward. The next day she resurrected (so resilient!) and she's now as sparkly as can be. She tells her day-care buddies "I was on a mask! And doctor Richard is nice." I guess she took a shining to the doc.
So all is well, all is well.
Enough reasons for a smile eh.
And for tomorrow : very happy birthday K!


Bronwyn Lloyd said...

That's for sure Lies - smiles are definitely called for after the drama of your last few days. I hope you can all relax and enjoy the long weekend. xxb

R.W.S. said...

Golly, you all deserve a rest! Hope you enjoy the weekend and have no more dramas!

kimberlee said...

test, is this even working?

Victoria said...

Poor Lieveke. Poor you guys for the worry of watching her sick. Glad she's better. xxoo