Thursday, 30 October 2008

colour, pattern:::::::pattern, colour.

I am noticing some colour themes in my life right now.

During texas hold 'em, late into the night.

When I am sewing my fine little bag with new birthday fabric.

in my mark making the plant life that is growing and dying around me.
I see green, red, blue, and yellow. It's a primary life around here. Can you see it too?



Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Yes it's funny when that happens - when certain colours and patterns start to dominate your days - I've definitely got a red and black thing going on at the moment. Still, mustn't fight it but an orange week sure would be nice.

Sally Anne said...

yes, those primary colours remind me of some sweets that I used to like called "sparkles", oh and Rowntrees Fruit Gums...yummy.

ruby in the dust said...

that's a very fine bag, young lady. and some beautiful colours too:)

sweetwilliam said...

That was a quick bag making session - I would usually hang onto fabric like that for agesss - and then dither about waht to do with it

fiona said...

hi kim, left you an email..
hope to hear from you! :)

Kate said...

beautiful bag, love it.

Victoria said...

Hi K!
Photo number two is particularly delicious.
Good luck with the dance - sounds strange and fun!