Thursday, 13 March 2008

finding your inspiration

In my last post I mentioned a little something I had in the works with illustration, and now it looks like it may actually happen so I am no longer afraid to talk about it.

I am 90% positive that I am doing an illustration for nz wedding magazine, and possibly will be their regular illustrator for an etiquette column. This is pretty big for me, my first foot in the door!

Here is a sneak peak of what I am working on for them... I can't show you the whole thing because I am not finished and I don't think I should 'release' it before it is published.

Lately I have been heavily relying on my vintage book collection for inspiration. I am quite fortunate to have many treasures from the 40s 50s 60s and 70s. my current favourite is little dutch children... but actually I just found unique book this week that is starting to take first place. more on that in a minute.

I also love magazines, and this one above is UTMOST in every way (sometimes yoshi shares it with me). All the best ones are imported and cost $30 upwards, sigh, so I only have a precious few.

the fruits of my recent labour: (well its getting there anyway but again this is only a sneak peak and not the complete or finished drawing).... I am working on a series as part of a submission to Learning Media, the government contracted company that produces the iconic "school journal."
Yes I am combining fabric and illustration, (finally). I am thinking of doing some sewing machine drawing on this as well. CRAFT and Illustration, UNITE!

Now, about that book I was talking about earlier...
its called ONE ON ONE: exercising together.
or: what happens when two models get together to write a book in 1984

Here they are (aren't they precious?) lovers of puppies, reading, each other, but above all PHYSICAL FITNESS.

and this is what happens when I discover the book 24 years later THE VERY SAME WEEK we download a trail version on photoshop...... (sometimes the stars just align like that)


I was just being ironic to begin with but I actually like this collage. I may do more.

Also, as Lies said, we really appreciate all the comments lately. It is amazing to me when I check my google analytics account and see people are reading from all around the world.... some from Scandinavia, the UK, many from the US, and even a few from south america! of course New zealand and Aussie too. I wish there was a way to give you all a friendly kiss on the cheek, but technology is a bit limiting.

but here is an open invitation to anyone who has been reading for a while but has never said hello (some people would call you 'lurkers', but I hate that term), go on. leave us a comment. I am burning with curiosity to 'meet' you. :)

okay all for now,


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Just me - as usual. :)

The illustration is GORGEOUS. And if you get it I'll be buying that mag just so I can claim fame by association.

Charlotte said...

ooh I just love your illustrations! all of them. I love the little faces on the second one especially

blackie said...

congrats on the illustration job! I'm sure you will inspire many a bride. love the collage too. Collage is an over-looked art form I think, I just love getting out the scissors and the glue stick.

A Sleepless Night (Standing) said...

Dear Kimberlee,
I (Emma, as in Campbell's girlfriend) have just started blogging, mostly because it is a requirement for an internet art paper I am taking this year. I also thought it would be good to finally put some of my writing and other projects up online. Im not really sure what Im doing yet, but Im sure i will learn! I mostly wanted to let you know I think your work and projects are delightful and interesting. Good luck for your magazine job - I hope to be seeing you sometime soon x

Sally Anne said...

OOH how exciting..well done Kimberlee.You are sooooo talented, I love the illustrations and the collage.

Lynn said...

Darling Daughter - your illustrations are beautiful, interesting and inspiring, just like you. So very proud of you - can't wait to get a copy of that magazine in my hands. Waiting for you to get here :-)

rag_grrl_nz said...

De-lurking here ;) Helen from "Show your workings", thanks for the lovely comments. Lovely to see your illustrations.

Jannelle said...

Wow! what talent! congratulations! Heart Felt /

R.W.S. said...

Great illustrations and congrats on the upcoming assignments! As for the exercise pics... Totally. Awesome.

Gypsy said...

Wow your drawings are stunning - i love it. You have an amazing talent, I wish you did kids books!

Martha Craig said...

I read you, I'm just naughty and never get around to commenting on anything these days.


Anonymous said...

hey cousin, congratulations on the illustration job! i'm thrilled for you and would love to get a copy of one of the magazines someday--maybe your mom or dad can get an extra to pass around to family? :) anyway, i read your blogs weekly and it's fun to see a bit your life this way...will check in again soon. -- rebecca

Victoria said...

Yay for you! Cograts on the new gig - I hope it does become regular. Sound so much fun. Also, the combination of illustration and craft, very good. I like how you do all these different style of illustration.
Hope those fit models are still in love.

Melissa said...

hehe- those fit models! they just scream '80s' to me. so great.

congratulations on the new magazine work- i'm so excited for you! that sneak peek looks wonderful.