Thursday, 18 December 2008

Beautiful Cut-Out Scenes And Life-Like Figures

I am quite into Christmas this year. Some years during the holidays I get a strong case of the 'so whats', like the world isn't full of magic or mystery. which it is. But it is very easy to get cynical amongst the creepy Santas and cheap tinsel decoration that are strewn about my environment, and its hard not to get annoyed at the extra junkmail stuffed into my letter box with ugly photos and shocking graphic design- more cheap crap I don't need. (And why does my 'no advertising material' sticker lose all its power this time of year? please friends, don't litter into my letterbox!).

But this season I have been determined to dive deep into the SPIRIT. Working with children has definitely helped with this. Kids are absolutely mad about Christmas, full of wild expectations, belief, and a crazy kind of merriness that is possibly sugar induced. If you spend a lot of time around them, it is almost impossible not to catch at least a small part of their happy frenzy.

Also I have forced myself to let go of nostalgia so that I can enjoy the southern hemisphere summer Christmas for what it is. Yeah its not going to snow, big fat deal. And we are not going to cuddle up by the fire drinking cocoa, or cider, or egg nogg, so what. Get over it. Instead we have the beach, pohutukawas blooming, and sunshine (ah the weather this year, glory be!). My tomato plants will soon be red and green.

So yes, I am making an effort and as it turns out, I am really enjoying myself. I spotted this little treasure on my friends desk yesterday and outright yelped with delight. A vintage nativity set! Illustrated! Made of paper! from the 1960s! Those of you who know me can understand how these elements combined are my pure pleasure. Its enough to help me overlook how inaccurately white Jesus and crew are.

Thanks very much to Megan for sharing this nativity with me, and to her grandmother for saving this treasure!

Mmm hmmm that's right. I have put up the tree, and made the presents, baked the cookies, and now I am ready! One week to go.

Happy Christmas!


Lynn said...

Yes, the Spirit of Christmas is Jesus - what a beautiful reminder this set is. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Children do make it all the more wonderful this time of year. Missing you so much.

Victoria said...

Ah. The nativity set is divine. I like your tree too, looks so pretty lit up.

Alida said...

What happens to me every year is that I get all bah-humbag about Christmas, then I wake up Christmas morning and suddenly the world feels extra specially magically and everything is awesome.

I really just hate the consumerism of Christmas, and most of the decorations.

And yeah - Jesus was a Jew! Hello black hair and a big nose!
My flatmates made a weird Christmas tree/scare-Jesus - complete with black hair, a straw hat and a pineapple head... and gardening gloves for hands. Oddly festive!

Alida said...

That was meant to say bah-humbug

Helen said...

Singing carols can get you good and Christmassy, too - we had some enforced carol singing at my younger son's kindergarten end of year party yesterday and it was really quite lovely...

...and it's summer solstice this Sunday and we and some friends are going to have a solstice bonfire and carols -

fa la la la la, la laa la la...

merry southern hemisphere christmas to you, K.

xx Helen

fiona said...

we don't celebrate x'mas but can't help fall into the festive mood once in a while.

i love your tree. seriously.. i wish i have something like that in my home now. it's so sweet..

Alida said...

Re: The competition:

Yeah crazy, huh? It was an online Sunsilk competition.

I only vaguely remember entering it because I enter A LOT of competitions. Like, most competitions I see. Also won a $150 beauty therapy voucher recently - looking forward to spending that one on some girl stuff!

I saw you walk past at Craftwerk but didn't want to shout out. Hope you had a great time too! Good luck for Kraftbomb!

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

That Nativity scene is fabulous. I saw two beautiful folk art examples at the Womens' Trading Circle in Milford today and couldn't resist buying one. It's great to see that you've embraced the idea of a summer Christmas - I can't imagine any other kind. Have a lovely one.

ruby in the dust said...

that nativity scene is priceless... And nothing beats a barbeque lunch with early watermelon on Christmas, under the pohutukawas if you're lucky!

Melissa said...

happy christmas, kimberlee and lies! xxx