Sunday, 14 December 2008

kids christmas party

this is my other job. I love it, and not just because it involves bouncy castles. though that helps.

our pretty building, all decorated.

Getting into the spirit

controlled chaos

All the way from the North Pole.

Who has been good this year?

no party is complete without face painting

the unnecessaries get discarded

The only lollies that are dairy, egg, and gluten free.

Clothes peg toss, always a classic.

"I sit at the kids table because I like them better"
yes it's true, see how happy I am?

certificate for unlimited hugs and kisses. every parent deserves one of these.

What did you do this Sunday?



lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

nothing quite as awesome as this! mmm eskimo sweets are so good and I never knew they were everything-less, that makes them taste so much better.

Heart Felt said...

That looks like real fun! Wonderful..Today Sadie and I experienced a magical experience involving a snow storm made up of summer fluffy seeds! The seeds were so thick, soft and fluffy they covered the grass in a white cotton ball blanket.

Victoria said...

That Santa looks like he is doing a little dance!!

FaerySarah said...

why are the wings discarded?! they ARE necessary! teeheehee

fiona said...

i like the part about 'controlled chaos'. looks like you had fun!

we went to our first birthday party yesterday.