Monday, 1 December 2008

Special finds

With Christmas round the corner I've been browsing Etsy for some special finds and really awesome inspiration. I like simple, original and crisp design, and my favorites do reflect my soft spot for things crafty... Look how creative people are with concepts such as 'knit' and 'woven' and...

beautiful knitted silver brooch
at Naventin

woven tote, from recycled construction fencing

the CB bag : 'made of strips of both clear
and blue plastic shopping bags,
which were hand cut
then knotted to create "yarn"
and then knit'
by Olivebrown

Let's stretch that knitting a bit more : a 'knitwit' bangle, why not.

From the needle to the measure tape, a bracelet now.

Etsy 'window' shopping is wonderful. Go there!
All credits respectfully to the makers and their photographers, of course.

Enjoy the new week...
X Lies


Sally Anne said...

I love this sort of window shopping...great finds !

ruby in the dust said...

love the woven fencing tape!

simplyolive said...

what a surprise...
thanks for featuring my bag!