Monday, 15 December 2008

In between...

Gosh. Last week was packed with good and bad...
It started with my sewing machine blowing up. No kidding, blue flash, fuse blown, r.i.p. Pretty bad.

Then on saturday morning a wonderfully good thing happened : Sinterklaas (traditionally kids from the 'lowlands' = the Netherlands, Belgium, France, get their 'Santa' early on the 6th of december from Sint Nicolas - it it MASSIVELY important to both kids and parents) brought a lovely cooker for Lieveke. She was so rapt in it. She now makes A LOT of pizza for us.

Then... On sunday Lieve got very sick and on tuesday we had to take her to the hospital. It was that terrible broncheolitis again, no oxygen in her little lungs, she was in such a bad way this time. After a night and a day we were discharged and Lieveke was on the mend. Slowly slowly, but resiliant as ever. Oh lieveke, dancing in your hoola-skirt...

That really was the best of the week, our little daughter all tsjirpy again. But some other great things : Kimberlee and I did the Craftwerk-fair and I sold so well, a new little parcel with some more Marimekko flowers made it just in time for under the christmas tree...

And an old LOST parcel turned up : a most beautiful felted lime blanket with big white dots for our little new baby.

***we found out it's going to be a girl***
Gabriel sighed such a touching sigh,
of relief, of love, of gratitude
'oh so good
I think I know
how to
take care
of a girl'

I kinda want a normal uneventful week, this week.
Keep safe, all
X Lies


ruby in the dust said...

what great news, Lies! and please tell sinterklaas to send me a lovely little oven like that, groot asseblief :)

fiona said...

love to have a cooker set just like that!

I'm sure you'll have a peaceful week. you deserve it. congrats on the baby girl news! :)

Helen said...

Things are crazy enough at this time of year without sick kiddies! However, exciting news about bubba, wishing you peace :)

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Crikey Lies, what a week of highs and lows! tell Lieve that Jack and I look forward to sampling lots of yummy goodies from her gorgeous new oven when we see you all next. Huge loves, B xx

Sally Anne said...

What a darling little cooker for Lieveke...but the poor sweet baby having to endure another horrible bout of bronchitis...ghastly for all of you.
Such good news about your wee baby girl, I would like to send her something that I have knitted from my handspun. I am having fun looking through some of my soft fleeces tonight.

charlotte said...

that's such a cute little oven!
god, and broncheolitis eeeeeek.
i called an ambulance the other week when astrid woke up wheezing and not breathing properly. very scary.

so glad it's a flower because now i can send you something. the leaf was proving troublesome!!! and, and oh, love that fabric. glad you had a good craftwerk to help on that front. my yarn stock has been increasing a bit with every little bit of spare cash i get in :)


Victoria said...

Yay for girls!! Sorry to hear about the sickness, that sounds like it would've been a bit scary.

disa said...

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