Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lovely lovely

... is what the new Echino fabrics are.

Rich images and colors, good strong linen/cotton blend. I've been singing while sewing with these! Making dresses and skirts for OUI boutique. Lievie shows them off, in her classic pose-then-jump-on bed way. She's wearing a favorite crochet top - by Trelise Cooper, iconic frilly Kiwi designer.

During our holiday-trip I knitted a lacey hearts-hat and tiny socks for little girl number two, with a super gentle 100% bamboo. First time that bamboo, but I'm hooked. Apparently even better than cotton for the baby's skin. We have a shortlist with 4 names now and yes, one favorite name... Exciting! I'm now officially into the 3rd trimester and the little girl is poking hands and feet out. Very cute.

Ah 't is good to be blogging again, I went here for fresh inspiration, all such talented designers :
-Tas-ka - most original eye on everything pretty
-Friedamaria - mesmerising photography, discovered via Fine little Day
-Flor de papel - beauty in paper, via Smosch

Oh : I'll be adding two more springbranch dresses to the Etsy shop tonight - they sold so fast last time... One very happy owner writes how 'poetic' the dress is, that's nice thanks!



pinkflowerbuttons said...

These are Gorgous fabrics, love the top one with zebra and love that color blue. Heres to a refreshing new year.

pinkflowerbuttons said...

Love the crochet and the crochet top VERY cute.

Melissa said...

beee-autiful fabrics, lies. and touched with magic now that you've sewn them up into lovely clothes. such great news about the little one to come- love that bamboo knitting! xx

Heart Felt said...

What wonderful fabrics and a beautiful little model. xx

Kirsten said...

Those fabrics are sooo inspirational! Wow! Just beautiful! You always do such wonderful work! By the way Milla beene has the same little crochet top but in pink!

kimberlee said...

what a bright and happy home, with a very cute little person inside! Some great new fabrics too!

disa said...

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