Monday, 19 January 2009

Pretty gift, sweet lisp

I've been scanning some fabricdetails for thank-you-cards, then printed the images on recycled 200 gsm paper. The result is very pretty (i think ha). The cards are just meant as give-aways and not for sale, I wouldn't feel comfortable making money from someone else's designs and efforts. I made a gathered dress for Gabriel's friend Mel's two year old Estelle, they came over from Melbourne to stay with us. Lieveke called it 'the lolly' dress, she made a beaded necklace for Estelle to go with the dress, all by herself. We wrapped the gifts in a funky newspaper blow-up of a red cabbage cut in half, and added one of the new cards.
Lieveke fell over yesterday, right on her mouth... It was all messy and bloody and Gabe and I got into an argument because we didn't really know what to do... We are not very together when our chick is in danger, sigh. Today the damage seems limited : one chipped front tooth and some scratching/teethmarks on the chin, although an xray this afternoon will tell more. The chick is twirling and summersaulting and what-notting as if nothing's happened, with an ever so sweet lisp.

PS : tonight I'll be adding the last 'blooms-dress' to Etsy (edit : it sold already!). -X Lies


Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Yes, the sad reality is that we all fall flat on our face from time to time - glad to hear Lieve's still smiling though. Loads of love, B xx
ps: love the lolly frock and fancy wrapping!

kimberlee said...

what sweet gifts!

poor lieve, at least its just the milk tooth but I am sure it still hurt plenty!

Victoria said...

Ouch sorry to hear about the tooth. I fall the pieces when one of my kids gets seriously hurt - I have no idea what to do! I'm not surprised the dress sold so quick!