Thursday, 29 January 2009

On the lookout for blooming lanterns

I was just minding my own business while walking home from work yesterday when I looked up and saw this majestic tree exploding with tiny little red lantern flowers. "Holy smokes!" I thought, followed by a hearty "Wowee!"

Nine times out of ten when I see things like this, I am by myself with no means of documentation. But earlier this week I had thrown my camera in my giant handbag (and when I put something in there, it's lost in the handbag black hole for weeks) so I was in luck. Bam!

I also realised that I have walked by the tree at least 6 times this week and I haven't even noticed, even though it went to all that trouble to spread its flowers at my feet. Shame on me, I haven't had my feelers out, my third eye on, or my childlike spirit turned up enough to see this tree that is absolutely showing off right now.

These little guys are almost identical to the red paper lanterns that are now lining the streets in celebration of Chinese New Year. And no, I hadn't noticed those lanterns either.

Conclusion: Minding your own business is usually a terrible idea.



FaerySarah said...

"Minding your own business is usually a terrible idea." LOVE IT! these pics are beautiful! have i been under a rock? I've never seen these flowers before?!

ruby in the dust said...

YES, they are gorgeous! good thing your radar was turned on.

fiona said...

so cute, those flowers. :)

Kate Shuttleworth said...

blooming beautiful

Melissa said...

i love this post. and those red lantern flowers are very special- glad they lit up just for you! x

Anonymous said...