Sunday, 11 January 2009

Hello, back!

What a lovely break we had. We now have tan toes and refreshed souls. We (well I) scored the cutest pouch from this lovely lady at the Christmas Kraftbomb fair, stashed it with knitting essentials, raided the local shops for baby cashmerino and knitted our (well my) way through the sunny East coast of the North NZ Island. The booties are cuties, from this fabulously fun pattern. I knitted so much -plenty more pics later.
As far as new year resolutions, dare I write it, I'd like to post on our blog a bit more regularly, perhaps twice or thrice a week, but we'll see how we go, 2009 is going to be a big one with a new little one... Ah, must add a photo of the very first pinafore of the new year, more about it in here.

I wish you all a lovely lovely 2009 and btw : thanks so for your comments and feedback in 2008. Through the Christmas craze/break anemone had it's second birthday - we must celebrate this in the coming weeks. I'm making a few 'gift-baskets' to send to some dear blog-friends - but we'll have little give-aways for all.


lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

This pinny is beautiful Lies! I love the fabric. So glad you had such a lovely break. I also tanned my toes! Happy New Year to you and your family (those in the world and those on their way!)

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Welcome home Lies - great to hear that you're all happy and rested and ready for an exciting year ahead. Those booties are such cuties.
Loads of love, b xx

Louise said...

Good to have you back! Looking forward to seeing the finished knitting projects. I love that bird fabric on the pinny!

Sally Anne said...

I think that little pinafore is my favourite, such gorgeous fabric!
The booties are sweet too, is this little one coming in the winter? I am knitting something warm to send.

Victoria said...

Arrggh - that pinafore fabric is SO GOOD.
Glad to here you knitted your way around your holidays. The sandals family portrait is so sweet!! Very nice that you will have another little person to make things for this year and dress up.

pinkflowerbuttons said...

Love the top photo, LOVE the purse, very gorgous, LOVe the bird fabric too.

kimberlee said...

you are onto it Lies! Thanks for this lovely post, first for 2009. Reading this inspired me to blog again, though it did take a few days to muster up the motivation:)

those booties are too cute! One of my 2009 projects might be making some sheepskin ones!

disa said...