Thursday, 27 August 2009

Home home home

We have now moved!
Thanks Kimberlee in Berlin for keeping our space so exciting and fresh with loads of pretty images.
The move was quite enormous, it was postponed twice, we're only just now in our new house and are still living in/out/of boxes and there is mess everywhere.

It's going to be a bright and happy place though, I've added some snap shots of new favorite corners :

-the dining shelves that divide kitchen from living area
-a 'Mekko panel to brighten up Lieveke's room (fast and easy ad interim wall hanging : sew an open hem, stick bamboo rod through, hang on wall, voila color),
-our art on the wall (including the hilarious 'floating lemon' and 'glorify', a hommage to Colin McCahon)
our new/old sofa (I think we've finally found one that we like, guess what, it was made in Berlin!)
-a lithograph by German artist Michael Jaeger (finally managed to get it framed)
-bright poppies to celebrate.
Warm welcome.

I haven't sewn or crafted in about 6 weeks- I'm so sorry I know an Etsy update is badly needed, alas not only did we move, Lieveke had Chicken-'pops' and little Noor had a few problems with sleep through the move and she's only slowly slowly adjusting to the new house...
soon, soon X

I've missed you all!


Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Yay, you're back! The new flat looks gorgeous with all the patterns and colours, and the newly framed lithograph is glorious. I hope the contents of all the remaining boxes find their new places soon so that you can relax and enjoy. xx b

JasperBoy said...

You've been missed! I've got lots of news to share....

Jen in Melbourne

Sally Anne said...

Oh, the new place looks wonderful Lies...hope you have a happy weekend settling in to your new surroundings.

R.W. Scissors said...

Welcome back! I hope you're all settled in soon. Your new house looks sweet - nice decorating and colour scheme as always :)

victoria said...

Moving is crazy with kids!! I hope their sleeping adjusts to the new place soon, for your sake too! Loving the kitchen dividing shelves, I adore that feature in a house. You have a nice collection of kitchen gear too. Here's to sorting out the house!

Ashley said...

Your house is so cute! I love all the bright colors and unique wall art. :) Can I move in?