Friday, 26 January 2007

Next Project???

I found this pattern at 'Auckland's Biggest Garage Sale'. It was in fact the only thing I found in a warehouse sized garage sale, how disappointing! Originally I was going to use the pattern as wrapping paper but when I unearthed it from under piles of paper on my desk and had a good look at the glamorous ladies on the front, my mind sprouted with possibilities. I am quite taken with the dress/ robe in the middle. If I made it a good 4 inches longer and added a few inches on either side (no my waist is not 25 inches), this could be the great go-go dress of my dreams. My only worries are the zip and the fact that I have never sew any article of clothing for myself before. Why should that stop me though?


Becky said...

It shouldn't stop you dahhling. In fact if I don't hear that you are feverishly sewing that fetching frock for yourself, I will be quite disappointed.

rhiannon said...

You can do it m'dear! And be sure to take plenty of pictures along the way.
Now you'll need some white go-go boots to match though!

Anonymous said...

don't stop at the stitch witcchery step - seriously