Sunday, 14 January 2007

OP shop finds

Well we've been a bit quiet over the past few weeks but I now that I am back into a semi normal schedule, I will be more on top of blogging. Also, a warm hello to new readers! I have changed the setting on comments and now everyone can have her say. Previously only those with blogger or gmail accounts could comment, which was Blogger's auto setting. Thanks to Rhiannon for pointing this out. Also go check out the beautiful jumper she just made, it is utmost in style.

I thought I would share some of the stellar Op shop finds I nabbed while on holiday in Gisborne. These Stitchcraft magss from the late sixties are sporting the mod look (so hot right now) and are making me wish my knitting skills were up to task. Though I suspect a Twiggy like physique is necessary in pulling off the look; uber short, shapeless dresses are best left to the naturally thin or nutritionally challenged.

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rhiannon said...

I too buy stitchcraft magazines, in the hope that one day my knitting skill will magically flourish into something amazing and I'll be able to knit that floor length, bell-sleeved wedding gown and matching garter belt I've been dreaming of. Ha.
But really- they do have great pictures, and occasionally they also have the odd non-knitting project which is great.