Tuesday, 23 January 2007

yo brother

Before today I never realised the brand name of my sewing machine is 'brother'.....now that's got soul! If amendments are allowed (and they are) I would change the name ever so slightly to 'mother' or 'soul mother' because the machine was gifted to me by my mother-in-law, which was gifted to her by her mother and someday I will pass along to my daughter.
My mother-in-law gave this machine to me a few years ago at a time when sewing was very far from my mind. I was working full time as a child care teacher which left me too exhausted and used up to do anything creative. I had stopped drawing , writing in my journal, reading, seeking out new music, and in a lot of ways, stopped feeling like myself. It was a strange time for me.
But recently after weeks hunting around the multiple storage areas on my in-laws property, I resurrected the brother! Teaching myself how to sew has been a lesson in patience and persistence. Here are some things that I have been doing to help me through the beginners stages:
1) always plan on the project taking twice as long as it should
2) 'when is doubt, take it out'. Starting again takes longer but you'll never be happy if you leave the mistake, which leads me to number 3.....
3) keep seam rippers handy
4) have lots of cheap or recycled fabric around for experimenting
5) Sew with soul. For me this means enjoying the process -I drink coffee, listen to Joanna Newsom, wear my hair in braids, tap my feet, talk to the dog.
6) keep records of what I have made by making patterns, taking notes and photographing the results. This helps me go back over work and learn from mistakes.

How did you learn to sew and what helped you on your way?

Above is the bag I made yesterday and it took a jolly long time.



Fiona said...

Mine's 'Singer'. It sings to me whenever I sew. Great. What more a radio beside it for companionship. The shape of your bag is interesting! :-)

Hana and Jacob said...
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Hana and Jacob said...

i never learned to sew...and my sewing machine's name is elna...which explains everything.

ps. that bag is tres beautiful yo *applause*

pps. how does this thing know about jake/cob? amazing. the above deleted said comment was the same without this pps.

Jenn and BJ said...

Hi - I happened upon your blog and love your beautiful creations. I have a Brother sewing machine, too. I have had it for about 3 yrs and am now just starting to use it....and I would agree with all your tips.
You can find my creations at http://longadventures.blogspot.com