Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Well I am very happy to announce the winners of our wee giveaway....
I drew the names out of a hat so it was completely fair :)


I was so happy to be able to award both a long time blog friend and a very new one. I will be sending these cards out to you as soon as possible (I will email you to get details)

Thanks so much, this was fun for me. And it's true, it is better to give than receive.

Lately I have been trying to get so much done for our move (THIS FRIDAY) but really have just been starting things, then getting distracted by something more urgent so then I start something else until I get distracted by something more urgent.... this cycle repeats until I think, "I need a break, let's blog".

One thing I did managed to finish was these new cards. I am putting them together in two sets of four because I can't bear to split them up. They are collaged from a time life book on birds from the early 60s (i can't believe I had the gumption/audacity to cut it up) and a book on Nylon flowers (making them from old stockings then arranging them) from 1978.

I will put them in the shop, because I really want them to stay together (at our stall I only sell them separately)

Thanks again for all your comments, I just can't seem to say that enough. I still haven't figured out how to reply to a comment directly via email and I am not sure if that option is available in blogger. So the short if it is, I am sorry I can't email an individual response to your comments, I would like to. The long of it is, I am considering switching to another blog host, like wordpress or typepad, so that we are able to do so. This is just a little thing in the back of my mind right now, I have to move apartments first so virtual space shifting will have to wait for now. any thoughts, recommendations, etc?

okay better go pack or something



Victoria said...

You make the combination of birds and stocking flowers look wonderful. Good luck with the packing..

Lynn said...

Beautiful cards, esp. love the bright and beautiful creations. Grandma would love that you are using birds! Also, love the purple bag and hope you have one left for your Mom. Will be purchasing that right away when we get there (Yipee!) Hope packing is going well - understand completely how the "tyranny of the urgent" always interfers when trying to systematically pack up! See you soon, in your new home :-)

paula said...

Oh no, I missed it! (I'm a little behind on my reading.)

I love the photos with your new bag, by the way - you are so pretty. :) Good luck with your move...