Thursday, 15 November 2007

because packing is ugly

I just had to make something that was (hopefully) not ugly. So I made some changes to the blog, like the new look?

okay back to the ugly.....

and these are just our books!

If I move everything from on top of my desk to under my desk, does that count as packing?

Our Japanese style bed is not living up to its minimalistic expectations.

Tomorrow is the big day! We can probably start moving in around noon after the real estate agent 'releases the keys' to us (doesn't that sound overly ceremonial? like the Olympic torch might go running past as trumpets sound... I swear this is what they call it here).

The people who had to move out of our (soon to be) place wanted to stay, so I felt a bit strange being part of their forced exodus. However, any feelings of guilt were washed away when I saw the mess they left in the communal rubbish room. Boxes and bags of rubbish were just stuffed in there, along with tons of junk that you can't/shouldn't just put in the trash, like a metal bed frames, broken chairs, bent fencing pieces, plastic bins etc. And the cleaning woman who works in our building is 65 and she'll be the one left with the mess. Nice one guys.

What ever happened to thinking of others?

alright, this is starting to sound a lot like complaining which means I should go do something else... like packing.



Geek Booteek said...

The new look is nicey!!

Charlotte said...

ooooh! I LOVE the new look.

where have I been? I have missed so much! oh - I know - been making stock for The Cream of Matakana and Coatesville Craft Market.. heck!

Geek Booteek said...

Oh my god we are packing at the moment too!! what a frickin nightmare!!! But we shall see you at craftwerk, so nice to receive plenty of notice this time, ha! Lets hope its a good one!!!


Anonymous said...

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