Friday, 16 November 2007

Sunny nook and other treasures

A very generous grandma asked me to make skirts for all her 5 granddaughters. For the little ones I made some tweety skirts. For the older ones, aged 3 and 5, I made wide falling long bright flowered skirts with retro rims. I'll call them 'sunny nook' skirts, because they have that happy feel to them. I'd never made skirts for older girls before -everything is sort of made up as Lieveke grows- and it was challenging to develop a new pattern based on a few notes in a measurement chart! But I'm quite chuffed with the results...

for Indie

for Georgie

Lieveke and I have been doing some 'sticking' (fabric bits) and 'drawing' (pencil-marks) this morning.

We've also been dancing to some P J Harvey. Her music (yup I am a devotee, I just find her a great soul and such a true woman!) is very rythmical and Lieveke really likes that. This song 'under the ether' is so beautiful... I like to think it's about Kimberlee's grandmother who recently passed away. "... the woman beside me is holding my hand... you are my kindness..." and it's just lovely how Lieveke rocks her little bottom to the softness of the tune.

I glanced at a few outstanding blogs recently and would like to share some of the prettiness :

Ashley Rose Helvey - aaaah wonderful felted dress

Tummy-ache : showing oh dear Corinne Rietveld-rings

Ah_Yi : oooooh featuring more yum dresses by Mint designs

Seeing as we're doing a blog-face lift I'll save those special sites in a new treasure box under the heading 'inspiration' in the left hand column of our blog.

Enjoy the weekend and happy moving to you Kimberlee X


Debra said...

Cute skirts!
Your blog looks good but then I liked it before too!! :-)

Kimberley said...

Love the new look blog ladies. And the gorgeous skirts. Sc-rump-tious.

Sally Anne said...

I love the "new look "blog and Lieveke's art.
Thanks so much for the link to PJ Harvey's Ether...really enjoyed that.
I have been playing around a bit with my blog too, but need some help from Alexander to put up a good header....your Anenome looks so good!

Louise said...

Those skirts are adorable! I love the fabric combinations. Hope the house move went OK.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

I can tell you have been inspired :)