Monday, 12 November 2007

bag happy

made from sturdy dark denim

I have been sewing these bags like crazy lately and it has been such fun. Of the few patterns I have developed, this one is my very best, which is probably why I can't stop making them:) Lots of birthday's have cropped up recently, and I have been giving these away as gifts. The response has been good, which is probably another reason why I am still can't stop making them.
the lining, compliments of Helen:) thanks. Its some type of vintage linen or barkcloth material

possibilities for reversing

I am still heeing and hawing about whether or not to put them in our etsy shop. I have purple floral one left and enough fabric to make another denim one (both like in the pictures), so I will have to think about it some more.

*update: I did put them in the shop because why not give it a try, right? you can see more pictures here and here.

Nikki and I are doing a swap,(just look at the hoodie I am getting for my niece) I have reserved the denim bag for her (or would you rather have the purple one, its up to you!) and I will make some more for craftwerk. Anyway, feedback welcome... maybe it's just me who is chuffed with these bags? sometimes it's like that. :)

cotton barkcloth. I can't get enough of this fabric, and I mean that literally. I bought some in green and then went back to world fabric and it had gone. So Kate, you got the last of it for your bag :) luckily they had some purple left and I may have to go back and buy what's left.

I took most of these photos myself but when Luke saw the one's I took of myself holding the bag, which included the mirror and a digital camera in the shot, he said "no. no. no. Let me help you" that's what happens when your husband is a designer :) He took a bunch of great photos but I couldn't fit them all in. above are just a few. I shall put the rest on my flickr. (yes I have one of those accounts too)

Just a reminder that the give away is still on (see last post) and I draw the names tomorrow. I would hate for interested people to miss out.

Happy Monday,


Debra said...

Gorgeous bags, I love the purple one especially and you looks so cute!! Beautiful!
I think us crafters are all like that... you get hooked on a design and out pops a van load ha!
All the best :-)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I have that exact same orange flowery sheet sitting in my stash waiting to be used :-)

My Happy Turtle said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bag design! It's amazing! I haven't tried pleats before. They intimidate me. I also love how your bags are reversible. Really, really nice.

On a completely different topic, I'm putting together my Christmas card list and am adding some fellow bloggers this year. Would love to send you a card. If you'd like, send me email with your mailing address. I'm at Have a great week!

Wildwoodflower said...

ummm your work is terrific keep it up, love the purple material. Your soo blessed to have a husband as a designer.

Wildwoodflower said...

oh yes and lovely modelling..

Hyena In Petticoats said...

The bags look great - I love that pleated detail on the front panel - I think it would make a great clutch design as well......

Thanks to both of you for popping in this week - your visits are always welcome!


Rebecca said...

Hey Kimberlee, it's your cousin! I've been having such fun going through your blogs and looking at your pictures and creations, they are beautiful! I also love your apartment -- would certainly love to visit you someday. We missed you at gma's funeral and it was so good to see the mom took some fun pics that she'll be sending around. Would love to chat with you sometime -- email me at so I know your address. It's been much too long. Love you, Rebecca

Felicia said...

Love both your bags!

Anonymous said...