Friday, 9 November 2007


The Morepork or Ruru: the little bush owl is one of New Zealand's best know birds. In the suburban gardens and in the depths of the forest this night hunter is equally at home. It's food consists mainly of rats, mice, moths, and other insects. It nests in hollow trees. -from Native Birds by Charles Masefield 1948

White Heron: one of the rares of the New Zealand birds, the White Heron, haunts the quietude of some sheltered lake or lagoon. It is among the strictly protected of our feathered denizen and has always been regarded by the Maori people with superstitious feelings. It is as graceful in flight as on the ground. -from Native Birds by Charles Masefield 1948

The Fantail: One of the daintiest of our New Zealand birds, the fantail may be found in shrubberies and gardens as well as throughout the forests of the country. It's unusual call is a sweet-toned chirping, occasionally changing to cheerful song as, with tail spread, it flits from branch to branch in search of tiny insects. -from Native Birds by Charles Masefield 1948

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Its high time for a GIVE AWAY

I made some cards this week from some of my illustrations of native NZ birds, (of course these are my interpretations and I have embellished quite a bit :) Each pack includes 2 cards of each bird (six total) and comes with envelopes. The cards are blank inside.

Those who are interested, just leave a comment. I will draw two winners on this Tuesday night, the 13th of Nov (NZ time). If the winners also want to get something from the shop, we'll ship that to you for free (but let us know so we can take the charges off for you:) .

Thanks very much to everyone who left a comment about my last post, I appreciate your support a lot and that is also one of the reasons I wanted to do a give away.

The funeral is tomorrow and my entire family will be there. Since I am the only grandchild who can't make it, my parents called me today from my grandpa's house where all my relatives had gathered for 'supper'. I was able to talk to my dad, who practiced his eulogy and read the order of service to me, and I talked to my grandfather a little bit, my mom, my sister, and one of my cousins. This made me feel better but also more sad about not being there.

thanks again for all your care.


PS I know this only a small give away but we will do a bigger one next month for our blogiversary, so stay tuned.


Hyena In Petticoats said...

I'm so glad you got to talk to your family a little bit, and to hear the eulogy.
I live away from my family, too, and it's awful when something happens and you can't just jump in the car and be there in 20 minutes.
I hope you have a good, reflective day tomorrow.

Leah xx

Fiona said...

(oops, my original comment disappeared. Here's one again..)

You're a brave one. I always imagine how I'd react and feel when a family situation arises and I'm not able to be there.. I'll wish to have your strength.
your cards illuminate off my laptop screen. Great work! :)

Debra said...

Lovely illustrations with descriptions! I've learned a bit there too so thanks!
All the best dealing with a sad time.

My Happy Turtle said...

I'm sorry you won't be able to attend the funeral, but am happy that you've found your own special way to celebrate your grandmother. The cards are beautiful!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

I'm really glad you got to talk to your family and partake a bit in the proceedings... even from the other side of the world.

Much love. xo

Gina said...

Kia kaha Kimberlee

Wildwoodflower said...

That is so lovely to have that phone conversation. So sorry that you cannot be there. Fantastic bright colored birds. Beautiful.

rhiannon said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your grandma hun, and that you can't make it over to be with your family at a time like this. You'll be there in spirit, and that's very important too.
I love the cards, they're so bright and gorgeous. : ) you're a clever chook, your gran would be ever-so-proud of you.

kates said...

oh oh oh beautiful birds

Sally Anne said...

What very special memories you have of your grandmother Kimberlee, and how wonderful that you have inherited her artistic talent. The birds are beautiful and I am thinking what a brave person you are.

melissa said...

thinkin of you today, kimberlee- i'm so glad you got to be there for a while with your family yesterday. kia kaha, at this time!

your cards are gorgeous. i love your bright interpretation of the birds.

Anonymous said...

Hello sweets - gotta be in to win, right? ;)

Kimberlee + Lies said...

that's right anonymous!

but you can't really win if you remain anonymous:)

I will surely put you in but reveal thyself. :)

Victoria said...

I would so frame those cards, they're beautiful.
Hope the funeral goes well for the rest of your family.

Louise said...

I've only just discovered your blog and I had to comment and say how much I love those cards!
Sorry to hear about your grandma. It's awful when you are far away from family at times like this. I really struggled when I was living in London and my Poppa back in NZ was really ill. Sending good thoughts your way.

Anonymous said...