Monday, 21 January 2008

Frock with attitude

Nothing like a weekend to reload on the craft!

Here are , for our little shop, two new reversible vibrant Tweety pinnies -for baby-girls from 6 to 12 months, in beautiful Japanese Echino Bird fabric :

Echino Birds on purple/vibrant stripes
Vibrant vintage dabs/Echino birds on turquoise

And I've been so inspired with some other Echino 'leopard' fabric, I made this rather wonderfull summerdress for Lieveke. It fits like a glove (took rather a lot of doctoring out that, and would you believe : some hand-inseem stitching!), and I made it so that it can 'extend' a bit while Lieveke grows (and she does my little cabbage). The Echino fabrics are so lovely to work with. Smooth yet strong and a flowing drape...

'frock with attitude'

This one is for Ashley : the content of my little bag! It's not so bad : deo, Eau de toilette, money-purse, Lieveke's beads (but I tend to wear them too), no phone even (it died quietly after an animated session with Lieveke meuh), c'est tout!

See you soon, sweets


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Ooooo Lieveke's dress!!! Sooo... you gonna make more? ;) ;)

Beautiful crafting Lies. Love it all. And L is super cute as usual.

Charlotte said...

how funny! I have just made echino bags in those colours :)

yeeee - aren't they great!

Melissa said...

fantastic dress, l! i love it! and it looks as though lieveke does too. so cheerful and summery.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

they are so cute! but even better in person, that fabric has inspired me to visit reprodepot and I have been coveting ever since:)


Anonymous said...

Those dresses are some of the cutest I've seen!! Gorgeous! Your little model is even cuter :-)
Debra x

blackie said...

lovely frocks my dear. and gosh you travel light!

Kates said...

too cute!!