Wednesday, 9 January 2008

arm yourself

a little illustration I made. let's start a revolution.

my soldiers (they are in the shop), ready for war.

In my imagination they take down Barbie.... She's an easy target with all that ridiculous hair.
though I admidt, I loved her as a child. shhh (and it was because of her hair)

who wants toys made of lead? not me. no thanks MATEL.



Victoria said...

I remember being obsessed with those bird scissors when I was very little. Congrats on your anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Whoah, sister! I love your revolution picture! Will you be selling it as prints or cards? It makes me all wanty.

Happy new year to you, and lovely bears, darlin'.

xx Helen

Melissa said...

amazing pictures! i love the revolution picture and am with helen: will you be making it into prints or cards? it's fantastic.

you make me smile, k!

amy said...

ooo what lovely little soldiers!

wildwoodflower - Megan said...

Love your idea. Your a very good drawer. Love the barbie idea, very funny. Love the fabric, they are well made.

ashley rose helvey said...

i am 'bag tagging' you both... look on my blog to see what i mean :) only if you want to of course

Anonymous said...

Ha ha brilliant!! Such great humour but a good point to make too!! Viva La Handmade Revolution!!
Debra x